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    Princess Pitts

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    A Princess doll in Chibi-Robo!

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    A toy princess that lives in a toy castle in Jenny's room. When Sunshine went on a rampage from nectar withdrawal, Princess Pitts lost her right shoe and refused to leave her castle. When Drake Redcrest went on his patrol, he discovered Pitts hiding in her castle, and told Chibi-Robo that it was their duty to free the "damsel in distress". Despite his enthusiasm, Drake couldn't figure out how to climb up to the top of the castle and quickly lost interest.

    After Chibi-Robo finds the red shoe, he finds Mort under Jenny's bed, and learns about his feelings for Pitts. Mort explains that he can't fit inside Pitts's castle, so Chibi-Robo will have to deliver the shoe to Pitts for him. He places stairs in front of the castle and guides Chibi-Robo to Pitt's chamber. When Chibi-Robo finally reaches Pitts, she graciously thanks him for finding her shoe, and leaves her castle to see the rest of Jenny's room. As she leaves the castle, Redcrest shows up with a flower and tries to woo Pitts. Pitts asks him if he was the one who left her a pile of wilted flowers, seemingly unaware of Mort's existence. Redcrest denies leaving the wilted flowers, and scoffs at the idea. Pitts appreciates the gesture of her secret admirer, and wonders about who this wonderful person could be...

    Princess Pitts eventually learns of Mort after Chibi-Robo and Mort grow her a Nectar flower. Pitt's approaches Mort, but is terrified by his monstrous appearance causing Mort to flee under Jenny's bed. The princess becomes infatuated with Mort, and asks Chibi-Robo to help her overcome her fear of scary things. Donning the ghost suit, Chibi-Robo keeps scaring the princess until she no longer reacts to his haunts. She thanks Chibi-Robo, and waits for Mort to return to her.


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