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Gaming week!

A laundry list of games purchased this week alone? What is this? Someone else's blog?

A week for games

Purchasing video games is my business...

...and business is getting busy?

1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Back before that blow-away-awesome Batman game came out, that other comic book titan, Marvel, struggled with ideas for their games. I had heard good things, but was iffy on the movie tie-in thing (as opposed to, hey, it's a Wolverine game). Turns out it's not too bad!

2. Red Faction: Guerrilla

Despite being a die-hard Saint Row fan/geek, I had ignored Volition's other games for now. Can't wait to check it out.

3. Red Dead Redemption

GTA with horses. It's okay. Totally glitched out on me a few times, though.

4. Rock Band 3

Digital 'On Demand. version. A broken disk is never good, especially when it's also a portal to hundreds of £'s worth of DLC.

5. Bulletstorm

Two things in this world I'm not very fond of: Buying used games, and EA. This one covers both of those. I figured it would even itself out, like a kind of balancing karma. Will get around to it eventually.

6. Zuma's Revenge

XBLA version. How is it possible for a game that came out in 2009 to be a 2012 GOTY? ;)

7. Binary Domain

Another one I haven't even opened yet. Heard some great things about it (originally from a CGR review) and placed it on my mental wishlist - now it sits on my shelf. Hopefully this isn't another case of Dante's Inferno where it stays in the shrink wrap and I never play it, eventually giving it away.


My week so far: Things I shouldn't have bought

For no good reason other then i have nothing better to do, here's a very short yet incredibly dumb list:

1. Xbox Live Vision

Is this compatible with the Kinect chat app thing? It would be nice to actually be visible for my friend when she calls me :P

2. Drums

Guitar Hero World Tour drums, to be exact. And I already own three Rock Band kits (RB1, RB2 and a portable set)... a better question would be why wouldn't I? I've been pretty obsessive over playing GH:Metallica drums lately, excited to see if these things actually work!


Oblivion re-imagined

Not the game, the song ;P 
None of these are by me btw. Just wanted to share something today!

  And finally, the real thing...

Hardcore eBaying

Recently I've been having a raid of my stuff aka junk, including a bunch of old wrestling DVDs from many a year ago. Apparently people still want them...

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Yeah. Awesome. But maybe they have it confused with those other hardcore DVDs D: 

As The Worm Turns

Prelude to a slightly larger scale blog about the music in music games, here's something that I felt needed to be shared by itself - enjoy!

So, to be continued...

Snow sucks

Currently, I am giving it a mean stare from the inside, but I did venture outwards and braved the worst of it today. Supposedly this is the last of it, but it's cold enough and there are inches enough of it that it'll last for some time for sure. Blah.
Want. To. Hibernate.


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4 Comments says hi :)

I'm fairly OCD when it comes to statistics and listening to music. So naturally I fell in love with this abomination of social-trend trickerys known as It's fun. I have another absurd username there, too. Blah.

So, here is my profile. It's a mess, I apologise. Friends are welcome! :)