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Bizarre Creations: Where They Are Now

In case you're still worried/wondering about what happened to the good people at Bizarre Creations, EuroGamer TV has released a mini-documentary showing us what the former employees are up to today. Three new indie studios have been formed: Lucid Games, Curly Rocket, and Hogrocket.

Despite being a big fan of driving/racing games, I've never owned a game made by BC mostly because I had a PS2 instead of an Xbox. Looking back, I feel like I missed out on a lot of good titles, particularly the Project Gotham Racing series. I didn't think Blur was a flop, and it's a shame they were seemingly forced to make Blood Stone without a James Bond film to back it up.

Hopefully now that they have a lot more creative freedom, we'll see some great new games from them. By the sound of things, they're starting out small with iPhone games, and eventually working their way up to other downloadable titles. How about a twin-stick racer?