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    @azgar said:@garr123 (and anyone else who might have the issue) Uploaded an extension as a workaround, had very little time to test it. Please report if it does or not work for you.Thanks for this.

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    Man, Abby seems like she's going through some real existential crises right now in these. They probably don't read the comments (wise move), but if you do then Abby don't worry too much. Mid twenties ...

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    @glots said:"I didn't catch anything political about that." can never be sure with Dan if he's trolling or not.It's hard to believe that Kojima's high school level philosophy could go over anyone's h...

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    Just a quick recommendation that everybody who likes trains and/or puzzles (all of us surely) should play Mini Metro. I've bought it three times now (PC, phone and Switch) and haven't regretted it fo...