PAX thoughts, day 1

I just got home from the first day of Penny Arcade Expo, and figured it'd be good to drop some thoughts on a few of the games that made appearances 
APB. It wasn't actually playable at the show, but people who knew where to go were treated to a short play through of the game by a Realtime Worlds employee and Mark Rein. I cannot state this enough: This game is amazing. It may singlehandedly force me to buy a gaming-quality computer. When the closed beta starts, I guarantee people will start raving about this piece of art. 
Scribblenauts. Its just as good as everyone says it is. The best part, IMO, is that you can rickroll god.  
Resident Evil 5 PC. I only played it to get into the exclusive capcom saturday party, but I was pleasently suprised at how well 3D can work in a videogame. It really looked nice, and I will keep my eyes out for games that do that in the future.  
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Every bit as good as Street Fighter 4, though perhaps Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is a more accurate comparison. A blast to play (though I wasn't expecting much) 
Mass Effect 2. The combat seems more wild, and I don't like the apparant switch to ammo rather than overheating weapons, but all in all, it seems this will be a more than adequate follow up to one of the best current gen RPGs.   
Flipnote Studio. This DSiware program allows you to make your own animated movies, and it's a pretty cool tool. If only you could combine it with Jam Sessions... 
Cave Story. Yes. 
Other things: 
Nostalgia. I put some brief time into this DS RPG and I can see myself loving it just as much as any of the many other great DS adventures.  
Sands of Destruction: Another one i only spent a few minutes with, this game seems to harken back to the old days. I might try to put more time in tomorrow 
No More Heroes 2. They were giving away toilet paper with NMH2 themed imprints to people who completed the demo! i got myself a roll. It's quite nice.  
Head Honchos: Met the GB crew on the expo floor, and spoke with Nintendo's Reggie about Golden Sun DS briefly. cool stuff   
Jerseys. It was cool to see all the Seattle Sounders jerseys out (of course with the XBOX 360 logo on the front). I even saw a Dreamcast jersey out there. 
Tomorrow I plan to spend some time with Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, Borderlands, Bayonetta, and Split Second. If there are any other games people want me to talk about, let me know and i'll see what I can do tomorrow. 
Hopefully I'll see some of you on Saturday. I'm going to stick my giantbomb tag and avatar to the back of my pass during the GB panel, so see yall there.