Super Smash Brothers 4 Part 38: Ninja Gaiden

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The Video Game culture has quite a number of icons, and while Nintendo has created quite a number of them, they certainly dont have a monopoly on awesome characters. as such, it is my distinct pleasure to create a list of third party presence in Super Smash Brothers unlike anything we have seen in the series prior. Every weekday I'll bring you a blog on the third party characters that deserve a place in Nintendos next Civil War. I am completely open to suggestions, and if you feel a deserving character has been left out, tell me why they should make it and I'll potentially make some changes. 

  • No more than four characters per franchise
  • Characters will be known for their video game presence over all other multimedia endeavors
  • Characters must be important and in almost all cases have a distinct personality

Ninja Gaiden
Ryu Hayabusa
Ryu Hayabusa
Synopsis: Ryu's career has spanned 21 years and two different series. He was originally the star character in the original Ninja Gaiden Series that appeared in Arcades, as well as pretty much every gaming console available, but has become equally popular for his appearances in the Dead or Alive fighting games. His new 3-D Ninja Gaiden entries are well known for their diffuculty.
Notable Appearances: Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden Black, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword
SSB4 Likelyhood: 1/10