Experiment: Best of 2010

An experiment

List items

  • As a remake of my first ever "favorite" game, I have high hopes for this remake. Over-under on the time I'll spend playing it when it comes out? 40 hours. straight.

  • I am more than willing to go buy a better computer just to play this game. From everything I have seen, All Points Bulletin will make a run for my GOTY

  • As a big fan of the Metroid series, I cannot wait to see this 2.5D Team Ninja incarnation.

  • Finally a new Golden Sun. I worry that it won't live up to my hopes for the game (only three party members?) but I expect Camelot to prove that my fears are unfounded.

  • Disclaimer: I don't really enjoy the Splinter Cell series. the gameplay has never really sucked me in. After watching the E3 demo however, I am very excited for the things that have been brought to the game. The fast pace and the detail at which Ubisoft has gone with the stealth and action mechanics make me very excited to see how this game turns out.

  • The first Platinum Games creation on this list, Infinite Space is a space opera RPG that I've had my eye on for what seems like years now. the amount of control a player has in this game is mind blowing.

  • Now I don't have a PS3, and I likely won't have one this year, but I have complete faith that this game will live up to the expectations I have for it.

  • Mass Effect 2 is certainly going to turn some heads when it comes out early next year, and I can't wait to see how my choices in the original affect things in this game. I am very worried about the reloading (rather than cooldown) mechanic however.

  • It's a new Tales. Nuff said.

  • The second game on this list from Platinum Games, Bayonetta has been getting a lot of attention lately, and it's not because she goes through the game without clothing. Consistantly high review scores from all sorts of publications have brought it to the attention of many people. It just proves that Platinum Games is a master of their craft, being able to make masterpieces in so many different genres.