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    APB Reloaded

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jun 29, 2010

    Better known as the free-to-play "APB: Reloaded", APB is a MMO third-person shooter by the developers of Crackdown. Players choose between the hard-boiled law enforcers or the feared criminals as they try to stop the opposing faction's objectives.

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    APB: All Points Bulletin (not to be confused with the 1987 arcade game of the same name) is a massively-multiplayer online crime-themed third-person shooter developed and published by Realtime Worlds and published by EA for the PC on June 29, 2010. It was discontinued later that year, only to be revived in December 6, 2011 (developed by Reloaded Productions and published by GamersFirst) as a free-to-play re-brand known as APB: Reloaded.

    Created by the developers of Crackdown, APB pits players in two factions (the vigilante Enforcers and the anarchistic Criminals) against each-other in the fictional modern-day urban city of San Paro. It focuses on PVP team-based action in an open-world environment, as players from one faction are dispatched to stop the other faction from completing their objectives.

    Rather than a traditional persistent experience point system of most MMO games (alongside standard "fetch quests", Skill Points, and Classes), players instead earn money for participating in each mission and purchase upgrades for their weapons and vehicles. Players are also ranked based on their Prestige level (for the Enforcer players) or their Notoriety level (for the Criminal players), which can rise and fall based on the actions those players take.

    Along with standard customizable characters, the game is known for its robust creation tools for character outfit designs, vehicle paint jobs, and musical player-specific themes. Players can also sell these custom items via an auction house for in-game currency. Prior to the game's free-to-play re-brand, players could also sell the items to earn special "RTW" points that were used for extending game time in the Action Districts.

    The re-branded version was later ported by The Workshop (and published digitally by Ravenscourt) to the Xbox One on June 3, 2016 and the PlayStation 4 on March 31, 2017.


    Designed around the common 'cops vs. robbers' theme, APB features only 2 factions - Enforcers and Criminals. Each faction have multiple organizations that players may choose to align themselves with.


     Sometimes a badge is all that separates the enforcers from the criminals.
    Sometimes a badge is all that separates the enforcers from the criminals.

    Not your typical policeman, Enforcers are deputized mercenaries tasked with cleaning up the city of San-Paro. Given a gun and a badge, they have the freedom to enforce the law however they see fit, but reckless use of lethal force carries consequences.

    Fresh-faced recruits have the option of aligning themselves with one of two enforcer organizations, the Praetorians or the Prentiss Tigers. Each featuring their own unique chain of command, players are able to work their way up the ranks of their chosen organization by accepting missions from NPC contacts. As the player progresses, the will receive missions from increasingly higher ranking contacts

    Enforcers are incentivised to adhere to a code of conduct that prohibits such things as harming innocent NPC bystanders or dangerous driving and rewards using non-lethal force whenever possible. That however is not to say Enforcers must be squeaky clean, with infractions often able to be overlooked by bribing a contact within your organization.


     He dares you to try spotting all of his stereotypical clichés.
    He dares you to try spotting all of his stereotypical clichés.

    Thug, gang-banger or just an all round bad guy. Whatever you call them, Criminals are motivated by two things - money and power. Not unlike their badged counterparts, wannabe bad dudes are able to join one of the two major criminal organizations (aka gangs) in San-Paro, the Blood Roses or the G-Kings.

    Once under the wing of their chosen gang, budding criminals are able to bring death and destruction to San-Paro by picking up missions and bounties from gang leaders or simply by causing indiscriminate chaos on the streets. This type of activity doesn't stay unopposed for long however, as patrolling enforcers are able to report any witnessed criminal activity resulting in the immediate dispatch of other rank-matched enforcers.


    Set in the fictional west-coast metropolis of San Paro, APB divides the city into three distinct districts. Two of which, the Financial District and the Waterfront District serve as the main staging areas for APB’s combat heavy gameplay, while the Social District focuses on friends, clans and customization as well as having an increased population cap.

    Financial District

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    With its numerous skyscrapers and narrow alleyways, the Financial District encourages players to leave their vehicles behind and take to the streets to engage in intense fire fights. The types of missions players can expect to experience include bomb planting/defusing, graffiti tagging/clean-up and evidence gathering/destroying. Financial District instances currently have a population cap of 100 and occupy the space of roughly 40 city blocks.

    Waterfront District

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    While similar in size and scope to the Financial district (roughly 40 city blocks and a population cap of 100), the Waterfront Distinct carries its own unique look and feel. With wide roads and a coastline that stretches the entire length of the map, car chases and massive shootouts become a much more common sight. Missions available in this district include vehicle escort/ambush, property raiding/defending and time limited deliveries.

    Social District

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    Removing itself of all combat, instead the Social District focuses on player interaction, clan organization/recruiting and APB’s extensive customization features, including character and vehicle design as well as music creation. All Social District instances have an increased population cap of 250 however the map size is significantly smaller due to the absence of vehicles. The district also acts as a way to reward the best players by displaying posters and billboards featuring their character. Other mechanics unique to the Social District include jukeboxes that play custom music to all players in its immediate vicinity and cinemas screening mission replays.


    As one of the most heavily promoted aspects of the game, APB features an array of utilities that allow for the in-game customization of your character, vehicles and even music.


    Character Creator
    Character Creator
    Similar to most other MMO's, APB allows the player to choose their initial physical appearance such as gender, race and hair style. While many of these things can be changed at a later date, the prohibitively high cost of doing so suggests that care should be taken during initial creation. All newly created characters spawn with default clothing which can then be highly customized using various pre-made items or create your own using the in-game design tools.


     Car Customiser
    Car Customiser
    Similar to the character creator, players are able to customize virtually every aspect of their vehicle. Beginning with paint jobs and liveries, you are able to recreate any artwork on your car such as gang tags, enforcer badges or even a personalized license plate. Further on, players may choose to upgrade various other parts of the car such as spoilers, steering wheels and car seats.As players progress through the game, rewards such as new artwork and customization categories will be made available via their chosen organization.


    Music Studio
    Music Studio
    While it may not rival some professional solutions, APB contains a feature packed music studio that allows players to create, mix and edit their own signature themes to accompany them in-game. Once created, players are able to deploy themes so they can be heard during various parts of the PvP based mission structure (such as arresting other players, winning a mission, etc...). In addition to this, you can create songs, which are longer variants of themes that can be played from a players vehicle, or from the social district music performance points.


    APB uses Vivox voice technology for voice chat. In addition to standard group voice chat functionality, Realtime Worlds also implemented 3D positional voice chat that accounts for position of the speaker and relative distance.


    Realtime Worlds implemented a controversial audio advertising system in APB for VoIP users. Under the default VoIP plan, players will hear a five to fifteen second audio advertisement while switching between districts. According to Realtime Worlds, the ads will play no more than once every three hours.

    Users can also choose to completely disable audio advertisements by purchasing VoIP premium passes that remove all audio advertisements for 30, 60, 90, or 180 days in exchange for a fee.

    Payment Models

    Included with the game is unlimited access to the Social District and 50 hours of playtime in the action districts (Financial and Waterfront). Once the 50 hours is up, players can choose between three different payment methods.

    Unlimited AccessPay-As-You-GoRTW Points
    • Unlimited gameplay for 30 days
    • Pay monthly ($9.99/£7.99/€8.99)
    • 20 Hours of game time (never expires) in the action districts
    • $6.99/£5.59/€6.29
    • Exchange in-game currency for gameplay time
    • Earn points only by selling your creations on the market place to other players

    Regardless of payment method, players will always have access to the Social District (even when their game time expires).

    System Requirements

    These are based on requirements for beta testing, noted as of 24th February 2010.

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 2GM RAM
    • Video: NVidia GeForce 7800 256MB
    • Hard Drive: 15GB
    • Sound: DirectX 9
    • Internet: Broadband connection required to install and play
    • OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 (recommend a 64-bit operating system)
    • Processor: 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Quad or equivalent
    • Memory: 4GB RAM
    • Video: NVidia GeForce 8800 GTX 512MB or equivalent
    • Hard Drive: 15GB
    • Sound: DirectX 9
    • Internet: Broadband connection required to install and play


    APB sports over a 160 song soundtrack list.

    • Mad World - Tears for Fears
    • Favourite Jeans - Bertie Blackman
    • Rational Gaze - Meshuggah
    • Beautiful Tomorrow - Beth Rowley
    • Riot Act - Exodus
    • Johnny Got A Boom Boom - Imelda May
    • Heat - Recordkingz
    • So Fine - Telepathe
    • Death - White Lies
    • Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    • Courage - Alien Ant Farm
    • Gimme That Punk - Audio Bullys
    • Lava Lava - Boys Noize
    • Mercury - Clutch
    • Progenies of the Great Apocalypse - Dimmu Borgir
    • Central Park - Division of Laura Lee
    • Bright Lights - The Ghost of A Thousand
    • Come Clarity - In Flames
    • Hermaploitation 74 - Herma Puma
    • The Shape Of Punk To Come - Refus
    • Under The Knife - Rise Against
    • John Q Public - Anomie Belle
    • The Truth - Bulletproof Messenger
    • Fang - Druu
    • Silhouette - Fono
    • Battle Front - Rareform
    • Zookeeper - Honey Claws
    • Brotherhood of the Drum - KJ Sawka
    • Children Of Neon Lights - La Fleur Fatale
    • Hawk Eyes - Leopold And His Fiction
    • Viva La Revolucion - Love in October
    • A Lot Of Us (Feat. Ray Frazier) - Mic Crenshaw
    • Adolescent Plague - Nifters
    • Block 4 Block Featuring Rasco (Cali Agents) - Paulie Rhyme & Deedot
    • Thirty - Peter Mulvey
    • 4pm - pH10
    • The Shadow - Quant
    • Dress Down Day - The Band of the Eye
    • She, Robot - The Cells
    • Get Out - The Shackeltons
    • Dark Scanner - Tim Besamusca
    • Troubled Times - Whoibe
    • We'll Bring You Down - Winterpills
    • Numbers - Zelazowa
    • Sheets - Abrogate
    • The Sleepless Crusade - Atlas&i
    • Drozer - Benjamin Tillman
    • Sick Of Ants - You Already Know
    • Home - The Boy Who Trapped The Sun
    • APB - Chapterone
    • Coke And Trees - Colin McShane
    • pain(T) - Devotion
    • Medicinal - Disown
    • M.J. Union Dub - DJon$"
    • A Life In Ashes - Dragnerve
    • Healthy Illness - Farfletched
    • Know Thyself - Fire In The Eyes Of The City
    • Someone Set Your Voicemail - Freighter
    • Aramis - Futuro
    • Mutate - Gnomeattic
    • Koishikunaru (Constant Spinning) - Hotelsinus
    • The Wrath of the Lambs - illuminatus
    • Hit it out the park, son - J ack Butler
    • Raven Black - Kains Island
    • IDK - Kingbastard
    • Rewind - Make Sparks
    • Music - MALAKAI
    • Where Ya At Now - Modifyd
    • Terrorize - Moses Cleveland
    • Break Before I Bend - Mr Twist
    • Stare Into Oblivion - Panic Cell
    • Ground Zero - Peter Maze
    • b*tch plz - popErotiq
    • The Sound of That - RedaeL
    • Apropos - Reporter
    • The Fight Song - River City Ransom
    • Have No Tyrant - SGX
    • Can't Disroot - Stardown
    • The End of the Parade - The Departed
    • This Is Not The End - The Bravery
    • The Ballad of the Silver Gun - The Sweet Revenge
    • Clean Cut - The Theory of Funkativity
    • Let It Go - Triphobia
    • The Phresh - Vega Teknique
    • As Gorgeous As - We Love to Party
    • Let's go to the distro - You Me and the Atom Bomb
    • WAR (Light and Darkness) - E TEN Akseov Alexey V
    • Metropolis - Bitplane
    • Aporia - Forever Never
    • Swampwalker - Jaakko Takalo
    • Ride of the Valkyries - Richard Wagner
    • Brindisi - Giuseppe Verdi
    • Night on Bald Mountain - Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky
    • Mars - Gustav Holst
    • Flower Duet - Léo Delibes
    • Les Torreador - Georges Bizet
    • Symphony No.5 - Ludwig van Beethoven
    • Cranes - Abe Vigoda
    • The Night We Nearly Got Busted - Alabama 3
    • ATX" ArtistName - Alberta Cross
    • Champagne Glass - Alphastates
    • Carbon Kid (Radio Edit) - Alpinestars
    • Dart For My Sweetheart - Archie Bronson Outfit
    • What If - Bombay Bicycle Club
    • If You Could Read Your Mind - Clinic
    • Everything Is Under Control - Coldcut
    • Pack It Up - Spiderbait
    • Pump My Pumps - Dan Black
    • Criss Cross - Shy Child
    • Beautiful - Good Shoes
    • Cities Burning Down - Howling Bells
    • Don't Stop - Innerpartysystem
    • Parallel Lines - Junior Boys
    • Basement - Just Jack
    • Dump o stinksion - dLUDEd
    • Borstal Breakout - Sham 69
    • When You Walk in the Room - Fyfe Dangerfield
    • Deathbox - Mnemic
    • Blue Lining, White Trenchcoat - Mando Diao
    • Your Heart Is As Black As Night - Melody Gardot
    • Chains - Mercury Rev
    • Gold Guns Girls - Metric
    • The Sun Smells Too Loud - Mogwai
    • Pure Pleasure Seeker - Moloko
    • Gained The World - Morcheeba
    • Constant Static - New Found Glory
    • Heaven Alive - Oceansize
    • Turn It Up - Pixie Lott
    • The Fountain - Echo & The Bunnymen
    • 1901 - Phoenix
    • Colossal Insight - Roots Manuva
    • Spellbound - Siouxsie And The Banshees
    • God Complex - Inside Your Frontal Lobe
    • Intermission - T he Death Set
    • Sale Of The Century - The Futureheads
    • Tick Tick Boom - The Hives
    • No Time - The Juan MacLean
    • About Your Dress - The MacCabees
    • Knock You Down - Life Since Death
    • Not The Only Person - The Rumble Strips
    • Get a Rise - Killa Kela
    • We Want War - These New Puritans
    • The Betrayal - Kassidy
    • Make Up Your Mind - The Vacation
    • Rage Against The Tantrum - Thomas Tantrum
    • North Carolina - Lee And Willbee
    • Hustle - Urban D
    • Ex - AMO
    • Of Our Lives - Avosetta
    • Now Sigh On, Scion - Loki's Motif
    • WK - Negative pH
    • Feeling - Wake Up
    • You're So Cool - Japanese Voyeurs
    • Mountain Man - Crash Kings
    • Desensitized Generation - Death Warrant
    • Counterpoint - Delphic
    • Innocence - Guy Valarino
    • 17 Horses - Cortney Tidwell
    • Your Own Fireworks - Toy Fight
    • Showdown - Pendulum
    • No Brakes / Hands - Little Boots
    • Goin' Back - Devendra Banhart


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