2017 GOTY List

Figured I'd start early.

List items

  • Technically released at the very end of 2016, but I didn't play it until this year.

  • 3.0 in August added SIX new acts, bringing the total to 10. Would've been an expansion release if the game wasn't F2P, so I'm more than okay with including it here.

  • Only a few hours in, but this game seems like it could potentially be one of my favorites ever. Hopefully I get enough time to play more of it and move it up or down!

  • I'd feel better about this game if it wasn't an unoptimized mess riddled with constant bugs, crashes, and other technical issues. It seems disingenuous to hide behind "but it's still Early Access!" when you've sold 10 million copies and counting. I have no problem with a slow trickle of clothes/gear/guns/maps/balance changes/game modes/etc., but staff up and fix all of the incredibly-well-documented game-breaking technical issues.

  • January 2017 on PS4.