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Section Great? Don't think so. 0

Section 8, or Halo #2 as it is commonly known, is an example of what i found truly annoying about a lot of games coming out now. A fine example would be Halo ODST, watch the TV trailer and you'll easily see that the actual gameplay is nothing like it. Section 8 had a pretty awesome trailer, but the actual gameplay failed to live up both graphically and technically to the expectations that it had ridiculously set for itself. On the other hand, this game does have some pretty cool features, no mor...

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Analysing Arkham 1

"The best game I've played all year" - Really? I played Arkham Asylum with, yes, i admit it, a bias. Previously I have disliked most superhero games with a passion. Superman Returns left me with a feeling of emptiness that, in all honestly, i've only felt once before. So yeah, my first play of Arkham Asylum was slightly prejudiced, I was expecting it to be another appalling way for Marvel to suck a few dollars out of an overblown franchise. And do you know what? - I was wrong. My previous quarre...

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