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    Looks cool but I think I'm going for the PS5, since the 360 I haven't liked xbox that much, that series S looks tempting though, gamepass is a very good deal.

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    The link is invalid or has expired, oh would be cool to play with some duders.

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    Pretty good review, the game improved but there is the shadow of the bad decitions taken at release, could had been good, they don´t even give the dlc maps of the previous game in here, those maps are...

  • AlexFurry wrote a review of Star Wars Battlefront II.
    improved but not very good

    The removal of the microtransactions that made the game so controversial where the first step on making this product more viable for consumers but the progression sistem is forever marked by that poor...

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    I will miss you on Giant Bomb Dan, will watch you wherever you go, good luck good dufus.

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    Wow jaja that thing with Kanye is some weird shit man, i know he is a weird dude and all but I'm not following news and stuff about him so listening how wild shit around that is... uff it's really wei...