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Characters who did nothing wrong

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  • Why Giygas did nothing wrong:

    Giygas was raised by two humans and grew to have a fondness for his parents, especially his mother. His role as antagonist in the first Mother game was due to his adoptive father taking the knowledge of PSI abilities back to Earth which was highly prohibited by his people. As a result, he was made to go against his own upbringing and invade the Earth. This chain of events, along with his defeat in Mother leads to Giygas' descent into madness and transforming into the very embodiment of evil itself. At that point during Mother 2, he has absolutely no control over his own power and the events of that game are merely a consequence of his uncontrollable influence.

    The true wrongdoers were George (took PSI to Earth which was a big no no), Giygas' superiors (for tasking Giygas, who clearly had an attachment to Earth), and Pokey Minch (who abused Giygas' powers).

  • As a result of being a shard bearer, Gebel was experimented on in the worst ways possible by the alchemists. As a result, he cultivated a deep hatred for humanity. On top of that, he became corrupted by the influence of Gremory as well as the demonic power of the shards.

  • The Master was only trying to find a way to ensure life survived the apocalypse via the FEV. His ultimate goal was to create a race of super mutants who would all be one with the master and prosper in the wasteland. He genuinely believed his cause to be just and he even kills himself if you manage to convince him that his plan will not work because he realized that what he was doing was madness.

  • Half-elves in Tales of Symphonia are discriminated against by humans and elves for various reasons. Mithos fought through an entire war and in the end, his sister is murdered by a human and he (and all half-elves) still have to deal with discrimination. His goals were: to revive his sister Martel and to end discrimination via his age of lifeless beings plan. He sought to essentially transform all mortals into lifeless beings so that there would be no humans, elves, or half-elves and thus there would be no more discrimination.

  • Yuri made the choice to get his hands dirty and kill those in high places abusing their power. He realized that no change would be made had he not killed Ragou or Cumore as they would still be allowed to abuse countless people. While his ideals conflicted with Flynn, who wanted to solve these problems via the system, Yuri saw these acts as necessary evils for the greater good as he saw no point in dealing with a corrupt system in the first place.

  • Richter just wanted to avenge his best friend, Aster after he was mercilessly killed by the spirit, Ratatosk. Ratatosk grew a distrust for mortals after Mithos violated the pacts he made with the spirits, but that does not mean the Ratatosk had any right to kill Aster just for being summoned. Richter had every right to form the Vanguard and hunt down Ratatosk.

  • The humans in Tales of Vesperia were always assholes. In the great war, the humans fought against the race of intelligent creatures known as the Entelexeia. Duke however, became friends with one of these creatures and the two of them ended the war in peace. This did not last long though due to some distrustful humans killing Duke's friend and deciding to hunt down the Entelxeia. Thus, Duke decided to distance himself from humans forever and just do his own thing. He does not seem to have a clear goal until the great catastrophe that threatened to destroy the world centuries ago returns due to the events that occur in the game. His goal then becomes to sacrifice all of humanity, including himself in order to ensure the safety of the planet which was being ruined by the humans in the first place.

  • Lambda was created and raised initially as an energy being in an android body. As a little boy, he was raised by two scientists with conflicting ideals. The first one saw Lambda as a real person who needed to be taken care of while the second scientist, Emeraude saw Lambda as a mere experiment. Upon finding out that Lambda's cells mutate and transform creatures into horrifying beings, Emeraude orders the destruction of Lambda. When Lambda barely escapes and crash lands in the world of Ephinea, he is greatly damaged and merges with Richard. Lambda was simply just a scared creature (who was not only abused, but also had bonded with someone who also suffered in life) who wanted to survive which is why he was going around absorbing all of the energy from the planet.

  • Dormin held up his end of the bargain and did what he said he was going to do, just not how. Wander was desperate to bring back his lover and he was willing to pay any price for it.

  • Dracula initially abandoned his humanity in order to rebel against God who he blamed for the early death of his first lover, Elisabetha while he devoted so much time and energy in serving God. His reason for turning against humanity however, is due to their branding of his second lover, Lisa as a witch and killing her without mercy. Essentially, the death of his first lover made him spiteful of God, while the death of his second lover made him spiteful of humanity as a whole.

  • Crypto was simply tasked with finding his brother on Earth and then eventually finds out how the humans have treated their species and dissected their members.

  • Xande used to be immortal and then was for some reason granted mortality. Fearing his own death, he plotted to stop time by messing around with the crystals and thus throwing the world out of balance. He did not ask to be given the gift/curse of mortality and thus he was just doing his best to undo that.

  • Oersted

    Oersted went through the typical classic fantasy jrpg plot of defeat the demon king with a party of 4 only for everything to go massively downhill afterwards. Due to being jealous of his hero status, his best friend, Straybow decided to frame Oersted by casting an illusion spell to make the king appear as the demon king and trick Oersted into killing the king. Once branded as a criminal now, Straybow reveals his betrayal to Oersted and also makes the princess his lover as well (who was originally Oersted's lover). Eventually, Oersted and Straybow fight and Straybow is killed, but the princess also decides to kill herself out of her love for Straybow. Devastated by all of these events, Oersted loses all faith in humanity and abandons his humanity to become the new demon king, Odio. As Odio, he goes to all time periods in an attempt to end all of humanity to ensure an end to their mistreatment of each other.

  • Monika was fully aware of her status as a non-option in a dating sim world and she simply wanted to defy that fate even if it required deleting all of the legitimate dating options in the game.

  • Lavos was just trying to feed that's all.

  • Magus had his family torn apart by Lavos' influence and was displaced in time into the medieval age where he was branded a demon king for his natural magical abilities. He was just trying to come up with a way to get to Lavos and destroy it.

  • Xehanort clearly thought that darkness was the right path to achieving his ultimate goal of resetting the whole greater world with Kingdom Hearts. His reasoning is much more understandable when putting into account the events of Dark Road and his interactions with the Master of Masters who had a defeatist view on the end of existence.

  • Star Dream's actions are a result of not being properly completed and bonding with the CEO of an intergalactic corporation that takes over planets who lost his daughter (temporarily) to an accident. Thus, both Star Dream's programming and President Haltmann became corrupted until it culminated in Star Dream absorbing Haltmann's soul and deciding that all organic life must be expunged. I'd also argue that Haltmann did nothing wrong as well because of similar reasons to Star Dream's corruption as well and his goal was to initially bring back his daughter, but it transformed to keep his corporation prosperous from the mind corruption. Star Dream's ultimate goal to eradicate all of organic life in the universe was also a result of a corruption of its programming. The ancients are to blame for leaving schematics for such powerful technology lying around to be used and Haltmann should not have been messing around with technology he could not possibly handle himself.

  • Count Bleck was separated from his lover by his own people as they were different beings and once his lover was banished, she was thought to be dead. Seeing no real reason to live anymore and feeling spiteful of his own people, he sought to end existence by using the book they were keeping safe in order to summon the void to consume everything.