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Favorite Franchises

These are series of games that produce several quality entries rather than just one.

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  • Hasn't he appeared in more games than anyone? No better franchise than that.

  • This could possibly be my favorite franchise of all time as far as consistent, quality entries goes...let's not include the two on PSP, because even though they're still good, Insomniac didn't actually develop them.

  • Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory were certainly the highlights. I doubt it will ever get back to that quality again, but once I'm a fan, I'm loyal.

  • Who doesn't love it?

  • III and Vice City were the best in terms of atmosphere and revolution. I still love San Andreas and IV but you just can't ever match what GTA III did for games, and especially following it up with just as good a game only a year later.

  • Bloody action with a new sex minigame in every entry! what's not to like?

  • I'm not a big fighting game fan but I've always loved Tekken for some reason....answer that riddle.

  • they need to make another underappreciated

  • I'm hoping Sucker Punch makes another one of these after they do inFamous.

  • Really only started with Guitar Hero III but I love it!

  • Anything beyond PS1 Crash games suck!

  • I love 'em, but not as much as some other people. For example, I'd rather rent and beat it, then buy it.

  • I spent more hours with Burnout 3 than I could ever possibly count. Loop the Staind-14 Shades of Gray CD on random track listing while you play for the ultimate chill experience.

  • I actually have high hopes about the movie, especially since Mark Wahlberg's my favorite actor...and you just know they'll be announcing Max Payne 3 within the next year.

  • I really only played the first to completion, but my excitement alone over that game is enough to make it a great franchise.

  • rock band and guitar hero should just converge and make one awesome game each year, instead of getting all our money....bastards. Oh and Alex Navarro rocks!

  • Sands of Time blew my mind, so much so that I really should have beaten it more than 3 or 4 times.

  • the most amount of collectibles ever

  • I've played RE4 to completion more times than any other game ever. 5 will rock just as hard.

  • The dirtiest title ever for the cleanest game content...super

  • I can't believe they stopped making these games....they were some of the most fun I've ever had.

  • The most insane madness and best party game potential ever.