Blog #032 - Starter Pokemon, Dragon Age 2

I've done a blog every day for the past few days, but don't worry. Today is the last. I have put together all my Pokemon designs in to one wallpaper image, at the suggestion of AlwaysBeClothing. I'm doing a design every day for a year and these Pokemon were from Wednesday to Friday. 
I am addicted to Dragon Age 2 at the moment. More than perhaps any other Bioware game you are forced to live with the consequences of your actions, and not just at the end or in the sequel. Some of it is lame or weakly portrayed but for the most part I feel a sense of responsibility. There are lessons for Mass Effect 3 in here if that team are paying attention... although I imagine the game is past mid production. 

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Here is the wallpaper:  View Full Res (1920x1080) 

Kanto Starters 
Kanto Starters 
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