Dragon Age - Urn Puzzle *SOME SPOILERS*

So I've finally gotten through the Ruined Temple and are now digging deeper into the story. One of the things that I found fun, and at the same time, extremely hard (For me that is), was the puzzle situation. So, I don't know if any of you out there have had some difficulties with this platform-puzzle in the temple. But for those of you who think this is a hard part, and simply just can't understand how to do this, here's a slight push in the back!
Notification! I don't know if this puzzle is randomized with positions n' stuff, but this is how I got past it.

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So, here comes the order of wich you should move your characters, and keep in mind, that only one can travel on the floating blocks.
Steps: 2,9,12  -->  (discard 9)  2,12, 4  -->  (discard 2)  7  (discard 12),  5  (discard 4), 8.
Now your characters should be on their way onto new adventures! *yaaay*