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Ugh, I'm sick...literally. (Fallout 3 is getting good too!)

I don't even know how I'm using the computer. Of course, since I got Fallout 3 yesterday nothing is going to stop me from playing, so I played and got more sick. 
Also, thanks for the people who posted advice when I asked my question about the subway and whatnot. I found a laser-rifle after some sneaking in the subway, then ran like hell out of there to the wastelands. I didn't know there was life in the wastelands! This game gets better and better!  
Also, I really wanted to make the bomb at Megaton explode, but I still needed to complete a quest from there. All this leveling and whatnot. I guess this is  good first RPG though. 
Anyways, yep, I'm pretty sick. Makes me want to stab somebody to watch them bleed. 
I wonder if people will actually read this...first real blog post and all.