My Thoughts on Ryan Davis...

I haven't written on this site for years, not because I don't use the site, quite the opposite I love the bombcast and all the video content, but I feel like now it the right time to write with the passing of Ryan Davis.

I'm not even gonna sit here and say how much of an awesome person Ryan was, we all already know how great he was. For 13 years Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis were like my best friends. Like most people on the internet i've always been really awkward around people and had a hard time making friends. Ever since high school Ryan Davis and Jeff Gerstmann showed me that it was cool to be yourself, and that being a nerd was not a bad thing. In a way Ryan Davis is responsible for the man I am today, having just gotten out of the army after serving for 4 years and i'm now going to college for Psychology. I know it might seem like i'm making this tragic moment about me but i'm not. This is my way of expressing how important this man was and that he should be remembered as such. I only had the pleasure of knowing Ryan Davis for 13 years and only over the internet and I can with all honesty say he was and will always be one of the men I look up to.

Reading above I know this whole blog is a mess, but thats how i'm feeling now. Ryan Davis if your some how seeing this where ever you are, out in the ether or w/e, I want to know that you ment more to me then most people i've meet in person. The reason being is you were the most kind, gentle, funny, honest and real person i've ever seen.

One of the many things I love about the i'll always be able to see your face whenever I want.


What i'm playing right now V1

So heres my first volume of what i'm playing  right now i'll decide if its gonna be weekly or daily later but here I go: 
Just Cause 2 
Just Cause 2 is awesome Just Cause! 
Final Fantasy 13 
Finally my  Fantasy is fulfilled with terrible video compression on the xbox 360! 
Final Fantasy 11 
My Fantasy is for this game, to be better, cause this game does  not go  to 11.... 
Red Faction Guerrilla 
It has the color Red in its Title enough said! 
And thats  about it bye!!! 


Borderlands its a game and heres a wallpaper!

Since Borderlands is coming out soon, this month soon, I figured I'd start pimping my Borderlands Wallpaper a bit more. Also note that, dude its just a wallpaper i'm not trying to impress the world i'm just trying to provide people a good way to show their love for this very awesome game!!! so here we go:

No Caption Provided
Click here for full sized image! (Yes its a link to my Deviantart Page but a mans gotta get views right?!?)

Fighting Games - How I wish I could love you!

So about 2 months ago I bought Street Fighter 4, so excited about a new Street Fighter because this would "Be the one I finally am gonna get good at!" How wrong was I! Upon starting the game up I immediately went into training mode with Chun Li, I've always thought she was a solid player from my Street Fighter 2 Days, and cleared all the trials in a relatively sort amount of time. Little did I know those trails had no real baring on actual fights I would go on to have on Xbox Live. The rest of the story is pretty much self explanatory.

So to the question am I excited about the return of fighting games? I have to give the dumb ass answer of both yes and no. Yes because these new fighting games such as the aformentioned Street Fighter IV, King of Fighters, and I guess Blazblu, I only say Blazblu cause I loved the Guilty Gear games, look all very well made and down right beautiful. The new KOF and Blaz Blu have beautiful screen tall hand drawn sprites that make it look like your watching an anime from the side, and Street Fighter 4 did the impossible by making a good 3d fighting game, yeah I said it wanna fight about it?, which still keeping its 2d roots.

But that leads me to why i say no. The reason I say no is because no matter what fighting game comes out this simple fact will always remain, i suck at fighting games. I try and try my hardest to get good at these fighting games but it never happens. Every time I begin to try and get good at a fighting game I realize how much time it will take and how much time I actually have, which isn't much cause I have a job now.

Also on top of that I just think I don't have the reflexes or any idea of the many different thought processes that you need to be successful while playing a fighting game. My style of games are ones that are slow, and take deep thought to complete or have alot of room for error and are played primary by trial and error.

So those are my thought on fighting games, I am so happy that they are coming back because now a new generation of "gamers" can see just how awesome they are and the old generation can have new experiences like their old, or bitch that these new games are nowhere are good as the old ones.

So those are my thoughts comment if you agree or disagree with what i've said, which I think you'll have a hard time doing since my answer was both avalible answers of yes and no!


What i'm playing this week?

Same thing I've been playing all week really, Burnout Paradise. Gonna try and get my percentage up to 90, I'm at 84.

Also I might pop in Dead rising and try to get the rest of the achievements for it I've been holding it off to to long and the rest aren't that hard they'll just take time.

Ohhh also love the question of the day thing, gives me a reason to post some blogs!


Simple Answer: Bomberman!/Runner ups: Castlevania, and Sonic

I think a lot of people will say Bomberman and with much reason to. Bomberman was originally known as a cool great 4 player game where you blew up your friends with bombs, then it totally went left field crazy and tried to be so many things it wasn't. It started with crappy RPG Bomberman attempts that I kinda enjoyed at the time cause the power ups to Bomberman's bombs were just permanent. Then it just all went downhill when they decided to make crappy party games and dumb futuristic Bomberman!.

Runner ups are of course: Castlevania, and Sonic. I think these Franchises are really just hurt by the fact that there really is no way to evovle them. Keeping them 2d is always great but when you do they do that they never innovate and people who like 2d games are few and far between now a days!


Its awesome!

Simply awesome. Love the forums love editing pages of games no one played, love getting my image moderation count up high! So yah its awesome I wanna keep this short so.....yeah awesome!

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