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Great Story, Great Gameplay. (May 2013) 0

This is one of those backlog regrets. The one I didn't play, when I should have. I even bought it twice! Although honestly, it was an excuse to plow down on my Vita, which hasn't really had much to play since I bought it. Best 300 dollars I've ever spent. The short version of this review so far is that you should play this game, especially if you're even the slightest bit of an RPG fan.Persona 4 is a turned-based RPG game, much like Final Fantasy or Pokemon. You control a party of three team mem...

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2013 Mass Effect Review 0

As someone who remembered the franchise fondly, but having only played each game once with different saves each time, I decided it was time for a revisiting. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did, but damn was the entire ride of Mass Effect an excellent one.The atmosphere and story still hold up really well 6 years after release. The world of Mass Effect is so flushed out it really does feel like a living breathing world that has been there forever. With the codec that is available in the...

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Just that good old charm 0

Playing Super Mario Land 3D turned out to be more of a treat than I thought it would be. Maybe it was because I didn't really have much of an expectation for it other than the stuff that I knew was gonna be guaranteed; it was gonna be Mario, with the usual jumping mechanics, including the run crawl jump that is so famously used in a lot of speed-runs videos of the old classic 64 title you may see on the internet. If you've played a 3D Mario game before nothing in this game should be much of a s...

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A spoiled ninja 0

I love me some stealth games. So many games have you killing people that I just get deep satisfaction and enjoyment out of sneaking around enemies. Okay, so the killing part I still mostly still like taking part in, but boy is it fun being a sneaky ninja! Dishonored is a first-person action role-playing game, with a new IP(finally) from Arkane Studios, published by Bethesda, and packs a load of silent-sneaky goodness.It all takes place in a big dolphin-punk (they use dolphin for fuel, it’s messe...

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Assassin's Creed 3 Review 0

I've always thought of this series as a nice time-machine-like game where I get to explore and sort of experience what the world was like at the chosen time periods where their stories take place. They always seemed well researched with plenty of information that you could skip and dig into as much as you wanted. This entry is no different, as we're taken to 1700s during the American revolution where we are in control of Connor. But if you're reading this chances are you kinda probably know abou...

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March 2011 SotC Review 0

Coming from my backlog of shame is Shadow of the Colossus. I decided to play this now because it was always something I thought I needed to play as a hardcore gamer, and after finishing it I kind of have to agree. I could see this game being used as an example for the games-as-art argument, and because of how different it is I would recommend everyone at least try it. We're in a time in gaming where people aren't really willing to take risks, and I wanted to play something that was different, es...

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Good. Some problems, but good. 0

Battlefield has always been about the multiplayer, and it's absolutely no different in Bad Company. But what Bad Company also has is a single player campaign with a meaningful story. In Bad Company you play as Preston Marlowe, the new guy that is put into a squad of misfits dubbed, not surprisingly, "Bad Company". Series of unfortunate events lead up to you dealing with the an army of mercenaries in the attempt to steal their gold. Most of the story is presented with in-game cut scenes with free...

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