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Angouri-Approved Games of 2014

Here's my plan to remember what I played in 2014, that was released in 2014.

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  • Ubisoft Montpellier managed to create a game that melds the fun of rhythmically driving to the cancan to terror of the trenches of WW1. Valiant Hearts may not be the most mechanically complex game, but is the most emotionally effecting one I've played in years.


  • It was brutal up front, and even though I probably will never complete some of the later challenges, I love picking this up for a few minutes of fun.

  • That endgame grind was crap. But I enjoyed the game.

  • I feel like the game started off way better than how it ended. With such a great premise and great dialogue, I was disappointed with which characters were chosen to become more essential to the story as the game progressed. But Monokuma is pretty fun.