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Fortune Hunters To Eleven 1

Those familiar with the Uncharted series will be at home with the blockbuster action, ancient treasures, and witty dialogue of Uncharted 3. This is not to suggest that all is the same, as this third installment swings harder than its predecessors on all accounts. The game's story opens strongly and provides an impetus for globetrotting, while its characters, writing, and performances are the highlights of the show. The narrative has its missed opportunities though, namely supporting characters t...

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No Exploding Hitler Head Here 1

You are the steel-nerved pilot of Super Ace, a trusty P-38 Lightning. Your mission is to travel countless miles towards an ambiguous destination while surviving droves of suicidal enemy warplanes. The year, and the game, is 1942. This vertical shooter is 32 stages of lukewarm enjoyment, sonic annoyances, minor eyestrain, and repetition. The Super Ace is adequately responsive, which makes absurd looking strafe movements between enemies all the more possible. Additionally, a dodge maneuver and poo...

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Gameplay In Accord With Gotham 0

The Dark Knight tosses The Joker (enthusiastically voiced by Mark Hamill) into Arkham Asylum and inadvertently sets in motion a diabolical scheme to free The Joker’s locked-up cronies and fellow Batman arch nemeses. Thus begins Batman: Arkham Asylum, as well as the player’s quest to track down The Joker and stop his predictably devious plot. Missions are doled out in a liner fashion and take place in one of Arkham Island’s large buildings, with the island’s exterior serving as an impressively la...

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All Is Not Better Down Where It's Wetter 0

Bioshock is a first-person shooter set in 1960 that puts players in control of a silent protagonist, named Jack, who has stumbled upon the underwater metropolis of Rapture after surviving a plane crash at sea. Jack finds Rapture eerily abandoned, but it remains filled with the style of the late ‘50s – from music playing on turntables and jukeboxes, to era-appropriate billboard advertisements and home furnishings. Soon, Jack comes into radio contact with a man who offers to lead him to safety, an...

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PixelJunk Avoid Magma And Rescue Spacemen 0

PixelJunk Shooter is a misnomer. Although it controls like a dual-joystick shooter, blasting enemies is not where the game’s real challenge or excitement comes from. Players are put in control of a space ship equipped with lasers, rockets, and a claw-game-like arm, with the task of rescuing survivors stranded on a dangerous planet. After rescuing (or accidentally killing) all survivors on the screen the player gains access to the next segment of the level. Stages contain a decent variety of enem...

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Cue "Also Sprach Zarathustra" 0

Prior to Civilization V, I cannot remember the last time I sat down with a game for an entire Saturday morning… and subsequent afternoon. Civ V’s addictive time-draining nature is understandable when considering that the game unfolds like an abridged and anachronistic version of the entire course of human civilization via turn-based strategy gameplay mechanics. Players control one of nearly twenty leaders and the civilization they represent. Empires are expanded through the settlement of cities ...

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Aim For The Head... No... Wait! 0

Dead Space is a third person survival horror title set in the presumably not too distant future.   The player takes the role of engineer Isaac Clarke, whose crew is sent to investigate the USG Ishimura, a deep space mining vessel that has lost outside communication.   Isaac and company quickly learns that something is awry when they land on the Ishimura and find abominations known as Necromorphs rather than the ship’s crew.   Over a span of 12 chapters (each of which take about an hour to comple...

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The Classic Struggle Between Meat Boy and Evil Fetus 0

Super Meat Boy is a furiously challenging 2D platformer.   It features over 200 levels that constantly test the player’s thumb-eye coordination and perseverance.   To those who can muster the will to attempt what should be a 30-second-long level an embarrassing number of times, this game offers satisfaction rather than frustration.   This is because it is very rare that victory comes through memorization (a la Mega-Man).   Instead, the player only needs pixel-perfect platforming skills and the a...

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A dreamlike experience so good you’ll be asking to be pinched. 2

A boy opens his eyes and sits up in the tall grass, surrounded by a dreamlike grayscale forest, which seems to engulf him with its eerie silence and massive scope. The boy runs behind the blurred images of trees and boulders in the foreground, while streaks of ghostly white light sneak into view between trees far away in the distance. Moving onto a rotting log, outcropping a cliff edge, the player is given an uneasy sense of scale as the small stature and vulnerability of the boy is revealed. Ex...

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A unique game built around storytelling 0

 Humans have been telling stories since we crawled out of that primordial soup and began walking upright, chasing tusked mammals with clubs. The only difference now is that a story can be told through a wide variety of mediums such as films, music, comics, and video games, rather than just through grunts around the campfire. However, there are substantial distinctions between those forms of media, which lend each of them to different types of stories and different methods of storytelling. Theref...

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