Red Riding.

Coming down from a 21 hour epic Read Dead Redemption run, I really have to say that this is a really nice game. I was a little bit skeptic with GTA4 being a bit of a downer and not sure if I'd like the Frontier that much but after having seen The Good, The Bad & The Ugly for the first time and great level of detail showcased in their PR I felt like buying the game. It really surprised me. It is still a game made by Rockstar you can definitely tell that as you play along, but the change of scenery and overall enjoyment factor in pretty much everything really help make this game come alive. I love wasting hours roaming the land, searching plants, hunting animals or looking for that treasure. It feels great and useful. Even if you're just fucking about, it can be so pretty under a starry sky or a sky ablaze with the sunset. This is really nice game.