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Best of 2009

Arcitee: Best of 2009

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  • It was really hard deciding on the number one pick. In the end I decide to indulge the particular bias I feel for Assassin's Creed II since I studied early modern European history (including the Italian Renaissance) for the bulk of the history half of my degree.

    Assassin's Creed II had great gameplay, a fantastic tale, interesting characters and a totally unique (for video games setting) setting.

  • I loved the first Uncharted, and Among Thieves provided more great dialogue and characters, better shooting, fun multiplayer, especially the co-op, and even better graphics.

  • I have loved most of the RPG's Bioware has produced. Despite playing Dragon Age on the 360, it was no different. I really appreciated the lack of binary morality system. The story was very good and involved a lot of gray area decisions. I really felt that Dragon Age was a positive step forward for interactive storytelling that develops based on player input.

  • I was blown away that a license Batman game could be so good. The voice acting was superb and Arkham Asylum arguably boasts the best atmosphere in any game this year.

  • I've only recently started playing Borderlands, I just took it off my pile of shame a couple days ago. I got hooked pretty quickly by the loot, leveling and shooting. The game is tons of fun multiplayer, but surprising is still really fun single player.

  • Dragon Quest V was released at the beginning of 2009 in North America and it is a remake so I think it slipped a lot of websites best of lists, even best of for the DS lists. However, it was one of the most solid and fun old school JRPGs I've played in awhile.

  • While I don't feel as engaged with or addicted to Left 4 Dead 2 as I did with the first, I suspect do basic similarity, proximity to the last and the 360's botched lag filled lauch, L4D2 is still a blast to play and has plenty of small improvements over the last iteration.

    Salvage mode is a great versus addition to the game as well! I did not really care for the original versus mode, but I found Salvage to be quick fun, especially if you only had 15-20 minutes to play.

  • Since Persona 3 I have become a huge fan of the Shin Megami Tensei games. It was very exciting to get to play the original Persona on the PSP. It was definitely showing it's age (first person dungeons!) but there was still the great / weird style that I have come to love with this series.

  • I almost didn't include Modern Warfare 2 on my list at all, but decided it did deserve a place on a list that went up to 10. It's more a personal thing than an indication of the quality of the game; I do not like competitive online multiplayer for first person shooters very much.

    Yet, despite being laughably ridiculous the single player campaign had some awesome moments, in particular the Wolverines mission.

  • This is more a guilty pleasure pick than anything else. I loved the PS2 Kingdom Heart games. While the DS is not capable of providing the same quality of experience, it was still fun to explore a side part of the Kingdom Hearts universe.