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Best of 2010

Arjuna: Best of 2010

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  • This game is meticulously detailed, balanced, and all-around perfect. Even if the multiplayer intimidates, it still has one of the best single-player campaigns of the year for casual players. They made a match-making, online service so good that it rivals XboxLIVE; and it's only for one game!

  • The highly involved, epic storyline and sci-fi aesthetic are what most attract me to this game.

  • The detail that goes into the story and the history... "Bravo"! oh, and it's a good game. Yeah, it's AC2.5

  • God of War III, another action-adventure button-masher, was great in that it was what you expected it to be. Bayonetta, however, was even GREATER in that at NO point do you EVER have even the faintest idea what to expect! At points this game made me giddy with laughter at just how messed up it is. Thank you, Japan, for giving us an original IP! Thank you, Platinum Games!

  • Greek mythology done METAL! This is the first place you look for an action-adventure button-masher!

  • This is choose-your-own-adventure to the MAX! There is no "game over" in this game; it just keeps going and any mistakes you make are consequences that you have to live with.

  • 8-bit platforming, perfected with 30 years of platforming history to draw from.

  • Novel platforming, with some mind-bending physics puzzles and some it's-so-obvious-what-I-shoulda-done-but-didn't-think-of-it moments. Its most striking feature is the minimalist visual and sound design.

  • My only problem with this game is how easy it is; left-trigger, right-trigger, until all targets are cleared. On the other hand the story, characters, and open-world wild West are flawless.

  • It's a poor-man's Uncharted, but the character acting and facial stuff are something to be seen. Even with the acting being one of the main things people tout about this game, I'm still not sure even the acting is better than in Uncharted.

  • A lot of people talk about the story, but I actually favour the gameplay of this game over the story. The year's best third-person shooter?

  • I might've hyped myself way too much for this game, but I enjoyed myself none-the-less.

  • I like arcade racing games. I don't like the tedium of racing-simulators. Everyone knows that Hot Pursuit is where you go this year to fulfill your arcade racing needs.

  • This game deserves props for continuing the story of Back to the Future. A simple adventure game to play when you want to actually play a game for 'fun'. :)

  • The go-to for FPS multiplayer. Not particularly fond of the Halo story.

  • More Fallout. Playing this I realized; I'm a little tired of Fallout, as good as it can be, I just don't have the time.

  • Haven't gotten through even much of the beginning of this game. This is, like, the fourth action-adventure button-masher I've played this year.

  • Haven't been able to get through much more than the very early beginning of this game, which is to say a couple of hours. I'm not sure this type of game works now-a-days.

  • This game is at the bottom of my list. The people who made this game think I'm an idiot. They didn't treat the Italian poem smartly, decently or respectfully because they think I'm too stupid. I might've thought this was cool when I was a kid and thought Iron Maiden covers were cool. Every time I open a door; do I really have to watch that stabbing-a-face animation over and over? This game is constantly trying to be "METAL"! Every second of this game is trying to be salacious and controversial by being violent and gross. It's stupid and juvenile. This game is vaguely "based" on a very famous piece of Italian literature, but you can barely tell since the makers of this game think you are way too stupid to understand this. I'll say it again: the people who made this game think you are an idiot! Oh, and they utterly failed to copy God of War III, which is clearly what they tried to do; barely skirting plagiarism.