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Games with fantastic atmosphere

fantastic atmosphere

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  • The atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo turned inside out by the Conception. Full of dark characters and twisted barren landscapes.

  • The atmosphere of a strange and dreary world called the Junkyard. Mysterious yet inviting.

  • The feeling of solitude this game evokes is unmatched. The entire castle breaths, too-you can feel a history behind their walls.

  • Like Ico this game evokes both solitude and beauty through it's landscape, but the colossus create a different mood altogether. Both frightening and magnificent, the 12 battles in this game are among the few moments in gaming that truly deserve to be called "epic".

  • You want to experience Tokyo nightlife in all it's glory, you get this game. It's all there: flashing neon signs and store fronts emitting a warm glow, the chatter of hundreds of people around you...and playing as an ex-Yakuza means you have access to some hidden areas like underground casinos and shady weapon shops.

    For all the flaws this game has, it nails the atmosphere of the city.

    I've yet to play Yakuza 2 and 3, which may be even better in this regard.