Best of 2012

There are still plenty of games from this year that I didn't get around to playing such as Sleeping Dogs and Tokyo Jungle or games that I can't play such as ZombiU.

My list also contains some remakes or ports from previous years which shows some of the unfortunate nature of this year for me as a lot of those games sustained me better than some new games even though I had played them before.

List items

  • I loved Persona 4. This is still Persona 4 but just better. When Persona 3 was ported to the PSP and I played it again it didn't instill in me the same love I had for it originally. Persona 4: Golden does that amazingly and also makes me excited for how Persona 5 is going to be when it comes out.

  • I had never played Mark of the Ninja before it came out on PC and I was struck by how much I enjoyed this game. It managed to find answers for many of the problems I've had in stealth game (including this year's Dishonored). I eagerly await Klei's next stealth game.

  • I was convinced I had to play this when I first heard that you were able to divert life support to your weapons and it didn't disappoint. The time that I was overly addicted to this game had me convincing other people that they had to purchase this game and then mentoring them.

  • Really? This has got to just be an excuse to say more about Dark Souls. Yes, the PC version wasn't amazing but I don't care. The game was the same game and the DLC that came out as part of the PC game was incredibly fun as well.

  • It gave us more Borderlands. I still wish it had done more character based story but it's exactly what people ordered.

  • Dishonored has problems for me. I don't feel like the amazing assassin that people think of me as. However, the story and the magical assassin elements still make this a greatly enjoyable game. Just not the easiest to move into.

  • I don't even like The Walking Dead but Telltale knows how to make an adventure game and they did perfect on this one.

  • So many problems with story and game mechanics for me on this one but it's still my Commander Shepherd and his team.

  • My favorite Persona 3 character (Elizabeth) and my favorite Persona 4 characters (Chie and Naoto) are back? Sold! Not the best of storylines or implementations (I can read faster than that, guys!) but the fighting mechanics are solid though dense. Still managed to have plenty of fun despite not grasping the deeper mechanics.

  • I did want to like this game more than I did but inherent bad game mechanics ruined many things for me. I hope Capcom makes the game less.. Capcom-y in future installments.