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atesh42: Best of 2010

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  • No other game this year kept me coming back as much as the layered character drama in Heavy Rain.

  • Though really a series of five games, I find it difficult to choose just one. Where Episode Two has a novel story jumping format and Episode Three starts with a hard-boiled noir format that exemplifies the best of Sam, the series stays incredibly fun despite changing the playstyle slightly with every episode and sometimes in the same episode.

  • An excellent sequel to the underrated Playstation 3 strategy game. The only possible way that it could've been better is if it had actually been on the Playstation 3.

  • Though filled with slight missteps, it does not fail to entertain with story, character, and straight shooting.

  • Nowhere near a perfect game but no other game makes its characters feel as real.

  • Though its overarching story and missions might pale in comparison to Assassin's Creed II that came out the same year, the gameplay improvements, notably your guild, elevates this game beyond its predecessor.

  • It's classic beat-em-up style combined with its connection to the comic and movie make this game a joy to play.

  • Though a simple refit of the Playstation 2 game, this hits my list due to the addition of lessons learned from Persona 4 as well as this game making perfect sense to play on the go with its day-to-day system.

  • Filled with references to classic games and tongue-in-cheek humor, it's hard to pass up this Zelda homage.

  • iPhone games have been steadily improving and the classic puzzle game is redone with style (and an adorable monster) in Cut the Rope.