Top 5 Games Played

So I decided to go look at my 360 voice profile today. I thought all my progress was lost because I signed up like 2 years ago and changed my gamer card since then. So I signed up again and I was amazed all my history was there, a real shocker.
So without further ado, Top 5 Games Played:

5. Rainbow Six Vegas: 54 days. man I loved this game. It was the second 360 game I ever owned and my first Special Edition copy ever. I wasted my whole first summer playing online with a clan that were my friends. Sadly I am only good friends with one of them now out of about 10. Great times.

4. Halo 3: 74 days. Do I really need to say anything about this frustrating crap fest that I still play and can get addicted to very easily. Yea, that was meant to be a run on sentence. I might actually start playing it once again with the new update...ugh

3. Call of Duty 4: 79 days. The game was awesome, however it has lost its shine. Along with that they have released only 4 maps for the game and there is no reason to play that game anymore because there is nothing new. i am 3rd prestige, but who cares about the other 7? The game was great, and of course Single player was frustrating as fuck...but i have no reason to play it anymore, especially with the shitty ass spawn points.

2: GH:3 : 113 days. I was very surprised about this one. I love the game even though it is really hard. Only complaint is the DLC price and lack of it. Otherwise the game is great and I still play it. Oh and Dragonforce blows, real music? Sure. Yea right.

1. Rockband: 166 days. I was actually surprised with this too. I mean I knew I played it a lot, but this one was wow, that is 166 days of my life I played this game. Probably about 80% is off drums. Also my most expensive game ever. 180 bucks for the package and then the the DLC I have, fuck I have probably 500 bucks in that game. Well RB 2 is already at 6 days which is a lot really since it has only been out 7 days.

However, there is 1 game that is actually number 0. Yes, a number 0 spot. A game I spent so much time on, its ridiculous. A game people have spent 1000's of hours on, but I have reached about half. I can play it and get addicted, but then I can stop and not care. The game is...

0: Counter Strike Source: 435 Hours. Need I say more?

Video blog is coming soon...I hope?