Getting ready for a jam packed week/end

So it'll all start on Thursday where I'll go see Four Year Strong at Amos' Southend. I saw them at Warped Tour this year and enjoyed them a lot. I have no clue who all is playing before them though. But if you have never heard of Four Year Strong here is a taste of what they sound like. Here is a B-Side from them called "Bad News Bearz". 
Then I go see comedian Mike Birbiglia at the Knight Theatre on Friday. I have been a fan of his ever since his first special on Comedy Central. My dad and I are going to go see him perform. So that will be some good father and son time. If you have never seen or heard of Mike Birbiglia here is a taste of his comedy.  
So then I go to my sister's appartment and crash there. Then I go to the USC game on Saturday. Which I think will be on ESPN or ESPN3. So look for me! So watch out.
- Cameron