Would you play this game?

I'm pitching this idea -- a game about a noire-esque private detective, who has mechanical superpowers like Inspector Gadget. Think of Sky Captain meets Inspector Gadget meets Max Payne.

To make it edgier, his side kick is going to be an underage prostitute whom he'd saved from rapists.

Would you play this game?


I'm a highly intellectual person

... And that's why I chose Hitler as my avatar. He's a very misunderstood person and his war "crimes" underpass nuking two major cities and leaving millions of innocent civilians dead. The Holocaust, you might ask? PM me for some good revisionist material.

And I'm not a Nazi, I'm not even white.


Art of 3D Trippin'

Okay to PC bros, if you haven't got nVidia 3D Vision software yet, do it now. You don't need all those fancy equipment they advertise just now, you can start off using red/cyan glasses you saved from 3D episode of cockmongers reality show. Put it on and set the mode to Discover Glasses mode. Most games suck, however. But some games (coincidentally) are a real gem. Burnout Paradise, for example, is an immersing 3D experience.

To go in to trippin' mode, maximize the depth (using Ctrl+F4 and take some Valium).

However, most games are holy shit the hud is coming right at me. You're a tool if you pay $99 for a kit plus some $300 for a 120Hz display.

To elaborate:

Actual 3D Vision uses interlacing method, discovery mode uses anaglyph method. So never mind the compatibility messages it displays at the start of each game, they're all for the interlacing method.


My 12 years old wife enjoys her Kinect

I purchased Microsoft's new gimmick, Kinect, instantly after it was released. I personally found it very dull and frustrating, for so many reasons, most importantly because of my 300lbs weigh. 

I haven't yet mentioned that  I have 4 wives. Well, I have 4 wives. All of them under 20 (I'm 25). I forbade all of them except the youngest, from playing video games because that's not what women are made for. But when I let the youngest one play Kinect Adventures in exchange of advancing the anal-night, I find here very happy, happier than the day I married here when she was 9.  Now our married life has been hugely improved, thanks to this magical gadget by Microsoft.
Thanks, MS!



This half-Syrian half-Gypsie guy, known as Steve Jobs, seems to have a deep affection with fooling people into buying his stuff. He would make a good shoe salesman, at least better than Al Bundy.
Here's why Apple sucks, and you shouldn't buy its products. Brought to you by me, and I'm a very bright-minded guy with an stunted intellect.  So you can trust me:
1- DRM. I'm not really interested on paying for music that I'll never own.
2- They call their over-priced PCs "Mac". The only selling point of a shiny 27" monitor with a retarded OS on it not having a common name.
3- App Store. Seriously. 
4- iPad, despite having a glossy screen, doesn't have a USB port. 
5- iPhone is the dumbest smart phone out there.
 So stop buying Apple Products.


If you can't make it good, make it 3D

We  wouldn't and couldn't  call a video game "pretentious" before the 7th generation, but when games like MGs4 and CoD4  innocuously, but effectively, sacrificed an immense amount of their previous elements to attract new players and SELL MOAR, unfortunately, what shouldn't have to be done was done, and waves of pretentious games were on shelves, and players inevitably played them, until they forgot what a "good" game means. 
But we need extra adjectives for some games, pretentious hipster shit is what I call the games that use extra, but ineffectual effort to attract MOAR players .
 it's obvious that AI can't sense body movement with a million simultaneous motions, third party developers as always will not make good and decent games for a motion controller, and Three-dimensional is not going to work in games as it worked in movies. (and it did not worked good in movies neither)
These gadgets are embodiment of inability of developers in making original, new games, and I don't think that we will ever see a good game again.  retro gaming anyone?


Losing Faith in...?

Recently, I've been losing my faith in something and I can't define it. God or Religion? in my opinion, it's stupid to deny existence of a supernatural power and rely the humanity's nature on simple and maybe vulnerable coincidences that mostly cause disaster. if human's basis is based on disaster, and it has this very, very superb interesting design, so why there isn't more disasters occurring to evolve humanity. why most of these disasters cause cancer instead of evolution? I'm infatuated in nature, more theology-wise than science-wise (but I'm interested in neither of them anyway), and I've found it so mannercrafty and I can't let go of my faith in a creator. I'm not against religion too, but when I take a look at the history I encounter with a bunch of severe disasters cause by religion, (atheism caused most of them, interestingly) and I suddenly get exhausted of humanity affairs. As I said, I'm not interested in atheism since I'm not a geek and I observe both empty and poured half of a glass. I think it's better to believe in a creator (no matter how he did it, I'm not into creating a universe on my own yet. a good puzzle game maybe) and if you want to thank him, you can do it directly without blabbering in foreign languages. 
That's it.
PS: watch "The Onion Movie". it's super awesome!


Tetris meh breda

Greetings dear beloved fellows and friends(which I have none here).
Every one of you here, definitely, has played "Tetris". this game is popular and fun. now a dazzling idea fucked my mind this summer and the idea was a question and question was a obsession and obsession was making a tetris game.
So I've done it now. I want to know your opinion about it:
Press Up to rotate tetrominos and down arrow to speed up their gravity.

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