Best of 2009


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  • I feel like a lot of the "hardcore" missed this game. One of the most incredible and fun experiences I had all year, hands down. They took Wii Sports, which was a solid party game in its own right, and made a sequel the way a sequel should be made: add so much new content and depth that it only superficially resembles the original. Every single one of the 12 minigames in here is actually more of a 'category', because each one has around three MORE minigames inside of it, each with its own unlocks, fake-achievements, and secrets.

    It's hard to summarize as much more than "Wii Sports incredible technology depth", but that's exactly what it is. It's a shame it won't get recognized as GotY by anyone anywhere because it's not an overproduced, big-budget AAA shooter.

  • Thoroughly surprising and thoroughly rad. Totally taken aback when the game gets all psychological on dat azz. Full of incredible detail, gallons of fanservice, tactile combat, and very memorable moments. That is how you make a damn superhero game.