Street Fighter 4. YOU DO NOT NEED A JOYSTICK to play it.

About street fighter 4. YOU DO NOT NEED A JOYSTICK to play it. in fact even if you look at hardcore fighting fans there's a bunch that only use pads, and theres been back and forth for year between them about whats better. its just about getting accustom to it. me personally iv tried for years to use a arcade stick but cant!! but this is because i grew up with a pad so I am better with that. To prove my point bring your stick ill bring my pad and i bet it would still be an equal match. so don't worry that you cant play this game without a arcade stick, the only people who should mainly feel this way are people who grew up playing these games in the arcades. but for most of use this is not the case. (but note im talking about ps3 pad) heres some journalists that use pads Jeff Gertsman (giantbomb) some of the editors from IGN, Shawn Eliot (former 1up and now with 2k boston)

There are allot of people moding there 360 pads, they are sanding down the ring the d pad sits on so it works better.
The real said thing is all these comments about get a arcade stick, are scaring people away from the game!!! i have heard at least 10 people say, "i will not get this game as i cant afford a stick and iv heard you cant play it without one." this is a load of crap. Yes you can its just what you prefer, and its not a matter of is better. For instance the reason i cant use a arcade stick is when ever i try a fireball it sometimes jumps, hate it when that happens so i prefer a pad. Then there are the people who say well what about the buttons cant use some.....  like 3xpunch and kick, if you go into the options like in most fighters you can map them to 1 button so its even easier, than a stick!!!