Goodbye Randy

Well I don't think I can write a blog today without talking about Randy Pausch passing away today.  Randy's "Last Lecture" attracted a tremendous amount of attention this past year and rightfully so.  It inspired me to review my life; where I've been, am, and going.  His lessons about putting people above all material objects is an important lesson for anyone to remember, and made a particularly strong impact on me.

I wish I could quantify the positive impact the man has had on the world in the past year.  He's taught many to fight for their dreams, I can only dream of making such an impact.


Coming back to Halo 3...

After months of no play I've come back to Halo 3.  First step was to browse the site (Major League Gaming), and find that many people are using the Bumper Jumper control scheme.  I decided to not only change my standard control scheme, but to go all out and become accustomed to playing with my trigger fingers on the bumpers and middle fingers on the triggers.  This way I can fire, grenade, melee, jump, move, and look all concurrently without having to move any fingers.  Last time I made a major change to my controls I went from Inverted to Default, and that took a couple weeks before it was second nature.  I suspect a similar learning curve, but even better benefits.  Time will tell...