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A quality performance marred by gunplay balance and plot issues. 0

I had a hard time articulating my feelings while playing it, having really loved GTAIV and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Lost and Damned starts off interestingly enough, with The Lost Motorcycle Gang receiving their leader now released from prison and heroin free. Things quickly return to old news as Johnny Klebitz (that's you) has to deal with everybody's bullshit. Luckily he's got a few good friends in the MC to back him up, namely the exceptionally likeable Jim.The gameplay is largely unchanged fro...

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Is this the Puzzle Quest replacement you're looking for? Maybe. 0

I must be honest and say I bought this game for a dollar from one of those infamous Steam sales everyone keeps hearing about. However knowing the regular retail price is $20, I will evaluate the product from that price point. Keeping that in mind the game is good but lacks certain features that would have made it a more worthwhile purchase. I am breaking my own code and writing mostly about what's in the game instead of my qualitative impression. However playing through it, there's no real way t...

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