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You would think that companies would know to be upfront about stuff like this. Setting up a situation that basically lies to your consumer will only cause more headaches and fuel more piracy of the title in question. 
Shot themselves in the foot with a bazooka.

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@CaptainCody: I think I see where all this is colliding. In general, I like to flesh out a post a little depending on the situation. For something like this, I felt it better to give some more information so the reader could choose to click the link, or just ignore it. Also, something I noticed is that I wrote this for the blog and decided that it could post in the forums, but I expected it to show a "Blog" tag on it or something. My writing style is more direct on forum posts. But hey, I understand the system better now. Besides, if I had been simply spamming I would have just left and not replied, or just lashed out. Not trying to spam, but I'll keep this in mind for similar things in the future. :)
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@CaptainCody: I see what you mean. The "group of dudes" thing makes me think of id Software's start actually. And I can see where the site could be conveyed as that as there are links to find people-for-hire. However, it does contain links to engines, royalty free sites for music (if none of the guys are sound people), and other information which could be useful for a group to get their bearings and get rolling on a project. Sometimes the hardest part of a project is the starting point.
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@nintendoeats:  So it would seem. Making a note of that.
@CaptainCody: Fair point. For most indie's, it gives the 2 year industry experience entrance fee of most job applications. Some do it to make money. Depends on the person. And fair point about my first post. I've commented on one or 2 things, but a poor choice for a first blog. Live and learned.
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Though I will give you the point that I should have probably not linked it to the forums. I have been on this site for awhile checking out the content, but the posting aspects are still new to me.
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Don't mean it to be spam, to be honest. I'm an indie dev myself and felt that there maybe others here on this site. The linked site was not created by me, but as a fellow indie dev simply wanted to spread the word for them.

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While going through my Twitter account I stumbled across a re-tweeted link that lists a bunch of references for aspiring indie developers. This includes links to development resources like engines, where to find assets or artists-for-hire, royalty free sound/music or places to find musicians/voice actors/etc., business related information, and much more.

A lot of the work is still in early form, and a lot of links are still being set, but it's still a great list of resources as-is. If you (and maybe some friends or low-cost robots) are planning on working on your own, be sure to give the list a look and bookmark to keep up with updates. It's bound to have something you need, and if not now, it will likely in the future.

You can find it at

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I actually really like Mr. Iwata's comments on the DLC aspect of today's gaming. A lot of companies seem to have unlocks for content we technically already have. Others cost $15 for a few maps or some minor extra content that may not have taken too terribly long to make (though can be creative). I hope they are able to find a good, solid middle ground that third-parties, as well as Nintendo, can get behind.

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It really varies for me. If by finished to completion you mean "finished the main game and saw the ending," I normally try really hard to do so before moving onto another game. Going for the 100% though I tend to not do often unless I really love the game. There's so many great games out and so little free time I tend to move on pretty quickly after finishing a game. I still have a pretty large backlog that I need to go through.
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