Goodbye Killzone 2, you clingy slut.

One of the few games I have purchased twice this generation has been CoD4:Modern Warfare.  I bought it on launch day for my 360, and I bought it again, with the map pack when I purchased a PS3 around the time that MGS4 dropped.  Recently I have been devoting most, if not all of my online MP gaming to Killzone 2.  It's a great game, the MP is a lot of fun, and the community is really strong.  I finally hooked up with a clan, and those matches have been some of the most fun I have ever had on a console.

My issue is this; the control scheme and sensitivity of Killzone 2 make it troublesome to move back and forth to other shooters.  Warhawk isn't as much of an issue with this but that's besides the point.  Playing World at War over the last couple of months I realized that while I can seemlessly move from KZ2 to WaW, it's harder to go back to Killzone2.  The aiming and sensitivity are so specific to Killzone that I end up getting owned by nubbins during the first 3 or 4 matches in KZ2.  Which is not acceptable on any level.

While I love me some Killzone 2, when Modern Warfare 2 drops there's no contest really.  It's probably going to be MW2 that takes my time, and the fact that Guerilla made their controls so unique it doesn't really allow for me to move back and forth.  I'm wondering if Guerilla did this on purpose?  I mean hell, they have obviously played a fair amount CoD4 themselves, you can see it in the art style and level design of KZ2.  Hello, that dot sighting on the assault rifle looks pretty familiar too.  It's like Killzone 2 is the clingy girlfriend of online shooters.  It doesn't want to share you with anyone else so she gives you some freaky deaky sex to try and keep you, but at the end of the day she's not the one you marry, she's the one that gives you anal on the first date.


Fallout 3

I'm still deep into Fallout 3.

I don't really plan on another purchase until Killzone 2 and SF4 drop.


DLC, not much, DL Games, oh my yes!

"Add-On DLC" or supplemental content,  I only bought the CoD4 maps last year.

"Downloadable games"  I bought a lot,
off Steam: TF2, CS:Source, Left4Dead
off VC: DK:Country, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong, Mariokart 64
off PSN: Wipeout HD

I just can't support supplemental DLC when I feel that said content should be free.  Certain games like CoD4 are worth it because, after a major investment of time, it might be worth it to complement that time as the game is already so proven.  As long as we continue to pay for content that shoudlbe free, devs are going to short us on the disc content.  Plus I've had it with patches, get the game right before you launch it.