How much DLC is too much DLC?

With the release of Dragon Age II rapidly approaching, I've been thinking about the role of DLC in games. I've always been a pretty big believer that DLC is a great thing when done properly. Bioware and Bethesda have shown that DLC can breathe some life into an older title and really expand on the universe...but horse armor and in-game DLC salesmen have shown that there is a darker, more nefarious side to downloadable content.

Day-One DLC for Dragon Age II (via Bioware forums)

 Adder of Antiva, Bow - Signature Edition
Seeker's Bulwark, Shield - Signature Edition
Apostate's Courage, Staff - Signature Edition
Might of the Sten, 2H Sword - Signature Edition
The Exiled Prince, Companion - Signature Edition

Lion of Orlais Shield, Shield - All Pre-Orders
Fadeshear Sword, 1H Sword - All Pre-Orders
The Black Emporium, Store - All New Game Purchases

Hindsight, Belt - Penny Arcade Promotion
Staff of Parthalan, Staff - BioWare Promotion
Hayder's Razor, 2H Sword - Completed Demo

Evra's Might, Ring - Dragon Age Legends
Air of Confidence, Ring - Dragon Age Legends
Evra's Trophy Belt, Belt - Dragon Age Legends
Ivo Family Crest, Amulet - Dragon Age Legends
Dura's Blue Flame, Amulet - Dragon Age Legends

The Irons, Belt - Pre-Order Bonus @ EA Store
Ring of Whispers, Ring - Purchase Bonus @ Epic Weapons
Ser Isaac's Armor, Armor Set - All New Dead Space 2 Purchases
Amulet of Ashes, Amulet - Pre-Order Bonus @ & Best Buy

Lothering's Lament, Book - Demo IF Activations ≥ 1 000 000 By March 1
The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall, Book - Demo IF Activations ≥ 1 000 000 By March 1 


"Surely he must be in jest!" you say, sitting at your computer and reading this wall of text that can't possibly be what he's claiming. But no, I assure you that this is a complete list of all the DLC available for Dragon Age II before the game has even hit retailers.
It just seems like there could be a better way to do this. They're throwing DLC everywhere like it's no one's business. Play our Facebook game? Here's some rings and belts. Play the demo? Here's some weapons! Pre-order the game? More weapons!  Order before a certain date? Get all this stuff for free that we'll charge other users for later. Buy a real replica sword or weapon and we'll give you a ring.
I like DLC, I really do, but I can't help but question why half of this stuff couldn't just be in the game. Even if they made some effort to tie it into the story, like you need to do a quest or two before you can obtain all this crazy equipment. By the looks of things, I will start this game with more equipment than I can carry.
But I'll do it. I'll play your Facebook games, and I'll download your demo and I'll order your signature edition spending hours on the release day not playing your game but downloading your DLC. And all shall tremble before the might of Isaac Hawke, overpowered medieval space engineer.