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Whiskey Media Intern-Watch 2011: Day 2

They say that everyone loves sausage until they see it get made, but so far here at Whiskey Media that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve been here X days and so far even though I know how it’s made; I still crave Whiskey Media’s sausage.

Wait, that came out wrong.

My two most important jobs.
My two most important jobs.

I hopped on the 38B Express at 7:55 am in order not to be late for my first day. After getting off the bus I noticed someone else wearing a Whiskey Media member shirt walking in the same direction, and it ended up being Cory, aka Undeadpool, aka the first intern who caused the Whiskeypocolypse. We chatted for a bit while walking to work and little did I know he was very happy to see me, because I was handed all of his duties, including answering the phones, making the coffee, and gathering and uploading trailers for Anime Vice. I never have made coffee before, so after a quick walkthrough from Tested’s own Will Smith I was grinding beans like a pro in no time.

So far aside from posting trailers and helping out around the office, my duties (heheh… duties) have been mostly wiki related. I’ve been going through and captioning various image galleries. I jumped at the chance to handle a few fighting games that I was familiar with and breezed through with some image captioning and general upkeep.

Step it up, Cory.
Step it up, Cory.

The atmosphere is great here at Whiskey Media. It’s easy to forget you’re in a basement. What
astounded me the most was the work ethic of the people here. You may have the idea in your mind after seeing various mailbag segments and the like that Whiskey Media is some kind of Willy Wonka-like factory where instead of candy and chocolate, there are magical forests of reviews and rivers of video content. These are hard working people, who from the time they get there to the time they leave, are working to keep the websites you love going. That’s not to say it’s some sort of no-fun zone where laughter and smiles are punishable by law, it’s by no means a stereotypical grey, dour office. It strikes a nice balance of serious and fun that can be seen in the site.

Coming up on my to-do agenda are to learn how other sites operate, get in more questions on live shows, and take down Cory. Wait. Ignore that last part.