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Gaming New Years Resolutions 2023

I like to make gaming resolutions every year. I don't have a great history of actually keeping them but they at least give me something to aspire to regarding gaming for the following year so I don't just aimlessly wander between games I don't really like. It's also fun to look back and see how I did and how my priorities held up.

This year I want to keep things pretty simple. Here are my goals.

1) Maintain the Unsanctioned Unofficial Game Pass Game Club as long as there remains interest.

This one is simple. I am enjoying doing the game club so I want to keep it going if I can. It's been a great way for me to get use out of Game Pass and to play games I might not otherwise play.

2) Keep playing co-op with real life friends.

Playing co-op has been great this last year. I have a friend who has gotten more into gaming and we've had a lot of fun. We finished It Takes Two and just finished the base game of Human Fall Flat tonight. I want to keep this up. I often bemoaned the fact that I never played multi-player in the past because I was missing a lot of cool experiences. Now that I'm pretty regularly playing some I want to keep it going.

3) Don't spend so much.

I make this every year and never keep it but this year I'm going to try harder. It's important. No full price games unless I plan to play them IMMEDIATELY and try to avoid buying anything unless it's actually something I want to play, preferably soon. As few games as possible without at least a 50% discount.

4) This will be the year I get into VR

I have had a PSVR since launch. I have barely used it. I haven't not used it at all; I liked Moss Book 1 quite a bit and I played some other games like Hotel R'N'R and Psychonauts Rhombus of Ruin that I enjoyed but it has mostly been a dust collector since my initial purchase and all the fun I had with Eagle's Flight. Well now I've ordered a PSVR2 and this time I want to take it more seriously since it will be less of a proof of concept. I am also going to try to get through some of my PSVR1 backlog. I hope to blog about this.

5) Finish the half finished games in my library (at least the ones I actually want to play.)

Another one I make every year and break but I really wnat to finish some of these games.

6) Keep playing RPGs on the treadmill.

This has been one of my "white whales" of gaming for a while because it both opens up a lot more gaming time in the week and it makes the exercise go quicker. This year I got into a really good rhythm and I want to keep that up!

7) Play more new games and more AAA games.

2022 is a year marked in part by the games I really wanted to play but never got to. I like playing new games and I like playing big high production games. I just need to make it a priority and spend less time playing smaller games that I may like some but don't love nearly as much. Fewer random indies (though I definitely want to keep playing the best of those too because they are just as good as even good AAA stuff.)

Those are my resolutions for the year in gaming in 2023. Mock me if you want to or make your own. Here's to a great year of gaming!