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Wii Ditching The Hardcore Gamer?

Wii Music: My Point Exactly
Wii Music: My Point Exactly
When I first played the Wii I played Wii Sports, like a lot of us probably did. I had fun. For 5 minutes. Then I though "Wow they actually went there."
I never was really crazy about the Wii from the start. First off, they didn't change the name to Nintendo Revolution, in my opinion a ten times better name. But where they really lost we was the way it was designed. The lack of Power and HD really doesn't help it's point, my poiunt that they are abandoning the hardcore gamer. If you watched E3 like I did and heard their conference, you know where I'm coming from. Don't get me wrong, I love games like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl to name a few. But when their best selling and most marketed game are a "variety" of minigames, I really don't buy it when they say we care about the hardcore gamer. To point out though, this is for just the Wii. I really like what the DS is doing and I hope they keep it up.
Also I don't want to point with the Wii mote or shoot with the fake Wii gun thing (whatever the heck it is called) which is not very good either to shoot not the prettiest looking Nazis. The PC is there for point and click, its already taken and does a much better job.
This leads me to the only solution I could think of. It may sound crazy, but make a new controller. Not to replace the Wii mote, but to be a secondary for gamers who don't want to play games like Brawl with the Wii mote (I need the Gamecube controller) and for developers who want to make their game expand consoles, but don't want to recreate their game for the Wii. Now the lack of Power and HD will hurt obviously, but its a start. Make an Xbox 360/PS3/Gamecube type controller.
The Wii is making tons of money, especially from the casual gamer. So I see why they are going the way they are going. But don't forget about us Nintendo. Forget the made or in the making Wii motion plus (I don't even know) and make a controller. My family/relative love the Wii. For people who don't game it's so unique and easy to pick up. But please Nintendo don't forget about us, Thanks for reading and post some comments. I want to know what you think about this. Hope you enjoyed it!

1st Person vs. 3rd Person (with a hint, or maybe more of 2nd)

1st Person
1st Person
3rd Person
3rd Person
So I have always wondered, what is better: 1st or 3rd Person. Now for the people who say "well it depends on the game," what is better: A great 1st or a great 3rd Person game. Or maybe, what would you rather make. They obviously have difference, both good and bad. In first person you see through the person's eyes (obviously). But in 3rd person I think you can better utilize the cover system. Stuff like that can really drive you nuts if you just sit down and think about it. The pictures I posted were of great games: CoD4 and GoW2. I personally like CoD4 better, but does that make me like 1st person better: I don't know. What I do want to know is what you think.

Also, if you have played the "new" Prince of Persia, there is a segment on the game where you play in 2nd Person. If you listened to the Bombcast a while ago they have already talked about this, but I want to put in my opinion. In the segment you look through the opponents eyes, like 1st Person, but in the distance, you are controllong your player. First off, I like the idea. It's new, it's fresh, and if done right probably can be fun. But that's where the "done right" part gets thrown in. I really hated that part of the game. Maybe it was because it was late at the time I played it, but it almost ruined the game for me. Good premise, bad outcome.
                                                          So, I'm still undecided about the whole thing but that's okay. Please voice out your opinions. This is my second blog and I hope to write them daily. Hope you enjoyed it!



SF4 Has Come (to my xbox)

My Guy I've Been Using Most. Good ol Ryu!
My Guy I've Been Using Most. Good ol Ryu!

Just got SF4. I am really liking it right now. The ability to use focus attacks at such a high level  of depth has really intrested me. Now I caan't lie,
I am not very good at Street Fighter 4. Even though I am getting better and having fun. Right now I'm just trying to get characters so thats not the
most fun, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  • Great art style
  • Fluent
  • Great gameplay


  • Wish there was a better trial mode to help with specifics
  • Way you unlock characters

So there you have it. Very general but its something. Well this was my first blog. Hooah!