A List of Great iPhone / iPod Touch Games

This is a brief list of fun iPhone and iPod Touch games that are great to have on the go.

List items

  • A fantastic, cute little tower defense game from PopCap, PvZ works great with a touch screen.

  • Puzzle Agent is an adventure/puzzle game. The story is a bit silly, but the dialogue is well written and funny and the puzzles are entertaining.

  • A dungeon crawling loot grind that lasts for hours, DH is great for anyone who wants some mobile Diablo-style action.

  • A tower defense game with colorful graphics, geoDefense offers several dozen levels of frantic gameplay.

  • An addictive RPG in which you design your own games and sell them, Game Dev Story is a must-play for anyone who's ever thought they had a great idea for a game.