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Best of 2010

I never play that many games in the same year that they're released. Though last year was full of plenty of DS games, I did not find myself playing many recent DS games this year. So instead, we're going to have to settle for a top five. I've played more games than this in 2010, but there are games that definitely DO NOT deserve a home on this list.

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  • At first blush, I wasn't quite sure what to make of Bayonetta. Given its origins in Japan, part of me thought it was just another cheesecake game, but play enough of it and you'll understand the game's own unique brand of humor and style. Its complimented by a game that is difficult, yet fair. When I die in Bayonetta, it does not fuel frustration - it fuels an intense desire to get better. Not many games do that.

  • This bite-sized game encapsulates everything that is awesome about Dead Rising and compresses it down in to a $5 experience that'll last you about two hours. If Capcom turned Dead Rising in to an episodic game series comprised of entries like Case Zero, I would totally be okay with that.

  • If you can believe it, somebody at Sega might've actually woken up and started giving a crap about Sonic again. The game hits many of the highlights a Sonic game should while side stepping all of the dead weight that typically drags this franchise down.

  • In the last two console generations or so, Mario Kart has skewed in favor of being a chaotic, unpredictable party game, where dramatic upsets and ridiculous come-from-behind victories are the rule rather than the exception. Sega All-Stars Racing scratches an itch that Mario Kart cannot by being a much more solid, balanced racing game while still firmly fitting in to the space of a "kart racer".

  • Limbo is the sort of game that taps in to some nostalgic memory in your brain and uses it to make you feel uncomfortable as hell. Death comes swiftly in Limbo, but manages to be shocking every single time it happens. Few games make me feel emotion to the depth that Limbo does.