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Australia and Inflation ...

Man this country gets screwed over with gaming prices. New release games retail for $100 here. In the US, I'm pretty sure it's $60. Now the exchange rate is about 95c on average lately, so that means Americans are saving over $35 when they buy a new release compared to Australians. Basically, I've been importing recently. eBay is a great place to find cheap games, and I've heard Play Asia is also good. But the problem is these games take time to arrive. I want my new releases immediately and cheaply!

The other week, I bought the Xbox 360 Arcade. It was $278, which is really cheap for here. The Arcade is now back to $350. I'm happy with it. The stupid machine makes more noise than an airplane but who cares. It plays the exclusives. So I've been loving Gears of War, but honestly Microsoft can go to hell if they think they can charge me for online gaming. The PS3 trumps them on that front.