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Resident Evil 6, and you.

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I've played Resident Evil 6 a lot. Hell, I'm still playing it. I went co-op with a friend of mine, and am now going through it, single player, on my own account. Why? so I can unlock mercenaries stages.

I've read a lot of complaints, concerns, knee-jerks about this game, and I may be able to agree with some of it, but being the fanatical Resident Evil fan that I am, I find solace in it's clunky shooter-y ways.

This is no different than Resident Evil 5 in terms of how it controls. Save for little tweaks like movement, and the ability to slide into an enemy, shoot him in the face with a shotgun then repeatedly punch the fuck out of him. If you happened to enjoy the 5th game at least, there's nothing to really hate about this... Well maybe some things, I guess? how picky are you?

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What do you want out of resident evil? Survival Horror? sure! But are you going to give me the argument that Resident Evil has always been about Survival Horror? Yesss and no. That's where it got it's start, But you can't expect a franchise to be the same thing over and over and over again can you? Do you want that? Where would we be right now if Resident Evil was the same thing for the 21 games in the franchise?

It's managed to evolve. But it's evolved thanks to the characters that we all know and love. You can't expect Leon S. Kennedy to get out of Racoon City alive and NOT be prepared for any more of that shit, should it ever happen again. There are traces of it's Survival horror element here and there, but you have to realize that the game is a thriller now. A group of individuals with bioweapon combat training who know how to stop these situations, and yeah, guns are pretty effective.

If they decided to go back to their roots, they would have to reinvent everything, change the characters, change the universe. change all that was established, but when that happens, are you going to care? Newcomers to the series, maybe.

They have to make the most out of the fact that people love these characters, and try their best to make a game to please long time fans while still trying to make the game that they want to make. When you're this many games into the franchise, it is going to be hard to find that common ground. especially when it seems so many people want a game from that bygone era, but would also hate playing that dated gameplay. We want to have change that doesn't ruin our ideal of what we think something should be.

I'm trying not to speak in theoreticals and for everybody, But this is more of an analysis then trying to soapbox my way out of a jaded community.

I thought it was humorous.
I thought it was humorous.

Why I like these games is BECAUSE I'm invested into the story, the characters. It gets contrived, unfair, boisterous. But it's interesting. At this point if I've played these games since the beginning, I'm not playing them to be scared, I'm playing them to be taken for a ride. Capcom knows this, that's why 6 is more of a thrill ride then another spooky mansion. You even get three different ways to play the game. As close to traditional as you're going to get, a Gears of War shooter (but remember that time Gears of War took inspiration from Resident Evil 4? FULL CIRCLE.), and whatever experiment they tried with Jake and Sherry (A Nemesis like monster, a moment of open world on a mountain, snow mobiles and motorcycles, Stealth!)

It's always going to have a place in my heart, no matter what they do to the franchise. I am for all-intents-and-purposes, a fan. I will play these games over and over again, I waste hours in mercenaries mode, I play those on rails moments without complaints.

It is clunky, it has cheap deaths, camera issues, but nit-picking is not going to destroy my overall experience. A game like this is not going to be perfect and it never was. If you want my recommendation, I say yes! If you're a fan of the series, yes! If you're straight up curious fucking go for it.

Capcom has been getting a lot of flack over the internet's dumb shit for a while now. Resident Evil 6 is a testament of how much they like making their games. What they don't understand is how the internet works the way it does. They developed a system for unlocking things, while everyone seems to think it's DLC. It's also hard to capture a Broader Western audience with what they think they need to do. Shooters are boring, but they're effective. And there's nothing in 6 that 5 doesn't have that 4 doesn't have. One can only hope that if you do have your criticism, that it's constructive and not hateful.

I wanted to at least say something, much like everybody else. When a game like this gets bad reviews, it makes me want to play to find out why. Now that I've played the game for myself I can't see the fuss, and I've managed to find an enjoyable experience. (But I'm obviously looking for something different out of this game.)

I'm going to stop typing now, but before I do, I want to go out on a limb and say, that I think Resident Evil 6 is a game for the fans. That may be an iffy opinion but the way I see it, You either are, or just don't call yourself one.

(subtle joke)
(subtle joke)