My first list- Top 2 Favorite Games (until I can come up with three more)!

Not that anyone should care what my top 5 because no one even knows me, I decided to give this "create-a-list" thing a shot to expand my profile on If anyone sees it, I hope you enjoy  it and comment. 
This is a work-in-progress as time -and my mind- allows...

List items

  • This is by far, my favorite game ever due to the sheer "openess" of the world, the mad crazy amount of PC mods I installed into it, and -most importantly- this was *my* story. I can do whatever I want and my own personal tale will be crafted as I go along. I have never sunk so much time into a title before (250 hours) and that was only on the side quests and expansions alone. A big part of that may have to do with me intentionally neglecting to fast-travel, but the world's immersion would have been ruined for me if I chose to use the option.

    I haven't even found Goffrey yet (step 2 of the main quest I believe?)...

  • The dreary and failed objectivism-esque world filled with Big Daddies, Splicers, and Lil' Sisters contrasted so well against the innocent neon imagery inspired by the early 20th Century. The world and story were so lush and thoroughly designed that I couldn't help but to explore it all and leave the linear main quest to the back-burner (until I had no choice but to proceed). I rarely go back to replay a game, but this was the first I've played completely three times.