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The Farce Unleashed 0

With a very promising concept, a presumably gargantuan budget and a great license, it’s hard to see how Lucasarts could possibly fail with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. On paper it seems like the epitome of Star Wars games, yet somehow, it falls a little short. The Force Unleashed takes place right in the middle of the two trilogies (the good movies and the not-so-good movies). The player takes the role Starkiller, a Sith apprentice who after being adopted by Lord Vader becomes a secret agent ...

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Great start for a promising franchise 0

From the team that brought you Jade Raymond comes this epic third-person action/adventure game. Assassin’s Creed is a game with a lot of hype behind it, for a good reason. At first glance, it’s obviously a very visually impressive game that oozes of production value and artistic quality. It’s simply a delight to watch the main character, Altair, run around in the Middle-Eastern cities, cutting up templar knights. But visuals aside, there’s of course some gameplay involved. The acrobatic / sword-...

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