Like Being A Kid Again

Today's "Sony Meeting" was honest to goodness fun. As someone who ditched consoles for PC (after PS2 due to money and college), I can say that I'm really interested in hearing what's coming down the line from Sony, MSFT, and Valve. As much as I enjoy PC gaming, there is a fair amount of PC-specific annoyances that would be nice to avoid by just buying a console. I mean, that's the reason I do my email, writing and 2D design work on a Mac: the OS gets out of the way, so I can just work. Not to mention, moving gaming from my workspace to the living room (my PC is 3D modeling/rendering setup so I can't just move it to the TV) would be a nice change of scenery. I was never one of the PC "master race" due to my years old, upper mid-level machine, so graphics weren't a big deal. It was always about having fun with the games... and despite the Sony Meeting's emphasis on graphics, I was so excited by the prospects for new gameplay. I'm actually excited to explore The Witness' island and hack stuff all Neuromancer-style in Watch_Dogs. Heck, despite his goofiness, I even want to ogle at an HD-car in Drive Club before I race it (albeit I'm an industrial designer, so it's kind of a given for my kind).

Now if someone like Valve can just make a living room PC that uses all my Steam stuff, maybe I'll consider that. But today's announcement showed me that Sony (and potentially MSFT) do have perks to their consoles that I am actually interested in. Background updates, instant stop and start, watching/sharing with friends in real time, a guaranteed running hardware spec: these are all great things. I think Ryan on the podcast said something to the effect of:

"I don't know what I want, but I know what I don't want when I see it."

Well, I saw what Sony is claiming to offer, with unique games in tow and I could see myself buying into that. Again, today was mostly talk of ideas and we haven't seen the physical box working in the real world, but the tone and approach was something I really enjoyed. Cerny was great, breaking down the a complex vision and specs in an easy to process, inspiring way. And the pro-developer stance was super-refreshing. I mean landing Jonathan Blow? Sony must be doing something right. Speaking of, bringing heavies like Bungie and Blizzard over isn't too shabby either.

To be honest, today's announcement has really got me wondering what exactly MSFT can follow this with. Are there any truly interesting exclusives for them now? I'm not sure. But man it's exciting to wonder isn't it? ...and for now that's all that matters right? Being excited again. Seeing Jeff, on twitter say:

"Man, I'm actually really excited about all this video game stuff. Like, sitting in my hotel room, nodding my head, thinking about PS4 games."

That's cool to me. Not for nothing, but when Jeff, a games-press, nay games-industry, veteran — who to be honest, has been sort of dark and cynical about games off/on this past year (see Jarcasts and Bombcasts) — is excited for stuff? Then you know it's pretty damn cool. We've got months till E3. Till then, bring on the crazy rumors and the live demos and the weird cell phone photos of "system parts." I'm excited to see what's coming. I'm excited to hear people say "Woah, that's cool!" about video games and not have it tinged with cynical irony. I'm excited to wildly guess about new systems and games with my friends, knowing it's probably only half true. Why? Because games should be fun, not just business, and right now it's fun and mysterious and exciting. It's like being a kid again.

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