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Games that Would be Better with the Addition of Ewoks

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  • You're Winner would be more awesome with an Ewok

  • Imagine Lynch having one of his psychotic breakdowns and seeing Ewoks everywhere. Now that's a trip!

  • What about going to Endor and fighting along side Ewoks? Well I guess nothing can save this game's suck

  • Screw Master Chief, let an Ewok handle the survival of humanity

  • Replace zombies with Ewoks. Enough said

  • Niko Bellic finds himself on Endor in search of the Ewok that betrayed him many years ago.

  • Captain MacTavish and his Ewok companion must stop a dangerous terrorist while getting into some family filled adventures along the way.

  • Isaac Clarke finds himself aboard a deserted ship floating through space. Well technically it isn't deserted. Ewoks have run amidst and caused quite the problem on the USG Ishimura.

  • Nothing says dark fantasy like Ewoks and dragons. Think about it. Fighting dark spawn would be so much more cuddly if you had an Ewok watching your back. Sure they probably would not be able to do much more than poke something with a stick, but how can you say no to an Ewok?

  • How about. Wait. Hold on, let me think. Never mind.

  • One silly Ewok manages to get himself tangled up in an inter dimensional portal and look what happens. Now Gordon Freeman and his Ewok companion must traverse the Black Mesa laboratories in order to solve the mystery behind G-Man and his even more evil Ewok sidekick, E-Wok.