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Been a hot minute around here

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The Ups and Downs of Everyday

Today was supposed to be a day of excitement.  I was working on refining our backup plan at work, going out to dinner with the family, and my dual 22" monitors arrived from New Egg.  As quickly as the excitement came it was gone.  The co-owner of the company that I work for laid me off.  We have always had it out since the day I was hired.  Everything I believe, he believes the opposite.  He has no experience in my field yet manages my department.  Imagine working for months on a project that will benefit the company and then being told it's not happening because "I just don't like the idea:"..  A department built on ancient beliefs and no eye for the future is doomed to fail.  Without patting myself on the back to much, I should have been in his position.
With every bad situation usually comes a better one.  I can now focus on school, time with the family, and my ultimate hobby.  Video games.  I hate to try and find to much silver lining in being fired, it's a terrible situation that I wouldn't wish upon anyone.  However I can't deny that I feel a huge burden lifted off my shoulders.  The burden of having to go against all my skills and knowledge and be a lackey for someone else.  Hopefully the next stop of my career will provide me the opportunities that the previous one didn't.  The real shame is that my passion for IT and computers was completely wasted for 2 years and the 70 employees of the company are worse off because of it.
Tomorrow morning begins a new set of challenges.