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Games I want to get but shouldn't because I have a big enough Pile of Shame.

I love Video Games, I buy lots of video games, I still buy games even if I haven't beat the ones I already bought. This list is dedicated to my unhealthy obsession with video games and all the games I'll get eventually. Warning: I'm a hella boring person so that will be projected fully in this list so sorry if you read this that you felt like some of your time was wasted. This list isn't final, I'll add more when I think about them when time goes on. Now lets start of this list with a awesome people playing awesome games stock picture.

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  • This one starts off the list because of the urge I've had to play this game since 2006 after I sold my gamecube, don't break my legs for that decision please. The main reason why I want to play this is the craziness from this game, there is a lot of it and that is enough to make me want this.

  • I was thrilled for this game since I first saw it at 2009 E3. I was late to the party on that but I still arrived and with the great reviews, it looks like a great 10 hours spent for me. I still would play this game bad reviews or not but I still don't have a PS3, really almost any exclusive for the system I can go with the "I don't have a PS3" excuse except for some "Cough Cough Rachet and Clank cough cough".

  • Really the entire Franchise I want to play but never had a PS2 or PS3 so I couldn't. I still have an eye out for these games but it will be a while before I'll play all of them. Really that's a terrible excuse for me to fall back on because of how long all these games have been out so there is no reason why I shouldn't have already played them.

  • I hope this is put in a collection pack with Shadow of the Colossus like God of War was because I will most likely never play this if it wasn't and that would be disappointing. Sorry for the long running sentence.

  • The best game of the last decade according to Destructoids list of the 100 best games of the decade. I don't trust Destructoid as that much of a viable source but this game has gone down in history as a example of the best of the last (or this) decade of gaming.

  • I'm most likely going to buy this for the fact that its only 6 buckaroos.

  • I bought a lot of game over the years, half on the games on this list have been played except this. I'm a sucker for anything resembling LA confidential so you ask why I haven't gotten this yet. The answer is skyrim and saints row the third.