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Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

Going to try and contribute to the GOTY nonsense if it's not too late. Have less time to play that I used to so seem to have focused on playing exclusives this year. Similarly, I don't own a PS4, hence nothing from that platform.

List items

  • Bayonetta was an astonishing game. The sequel rounds off the very few rough edges of that previous game, looks even better, escalates the action even further, and intelligently adds to the masterful combat system. As pure icing on the cake, for those of us who played the first enough times with sufficient attention to understand the story this does that wonderful thing of having it's own good story that also feeds back and enhances the original. A perfect game.

  • A south European holiday on a disc (or beautiful Digital Future!). All those odd little side features in the motorsports game work perfectly once transposed to an open world environment. They even make a compelling game of the photo mode.

    Find the level of driving aids that work for you (or more likely keep turning ones off until it becomes thrillingly engaging) then go off to race along the coast as a perfect rendition of the south coast sunlight runs you through to dusk, or you race out of a dark rainstorm to wet, sun glistening streets.

    A perfectly stress free multiplayer mode in road trips is the cherry on this one.

  • Criminally tossed aside by many, yet perfectly refined, the best competitive (and now cooperative) shooter I've played in years and the first that I actually enjoy playing with randoms since Halo3. Leading the vanguard of the renaissance of mobility in FPS and still towers over the imitators with it's intuitive and flowing jumping over and along perfectly crafted stages. That it then manages to balance that with the complete opposite of hulking mechs such that either could stand on their own as a separate game just confirms that these guys are under appreciated masters of their craft.

  • I feel like I've barely scratched the surface on this one, and it may well have been further up the list if given more time. However, can already tell it's something special. Finally Insomniac have made a game that feels right to me, tied to some of the most enjoyable traversal mechanics in forever. Another one for the looks right lush nod as well.

  • Another case of a perfectly polished game (aside from the battle mode disappointment, but that's been going downhill for two generations now). Looks gorgeous, controls as tight as ever, and the further refinement of the jump boost from 7 along with the new anti-grav mechanics means there's always something to do to maintain your top speed.

  • More Pullblocks/Pushmo? Brilliant. Even without the shared creations it seems to just get bigger and bigger as you play through it.

  • A new Suda game with mechanics that work much better with the story craziness. I hope against hope that we can get more episodes of this to see where it goes next.

  • Had to jury rig this up to the telly through a laptop thanks to the console versions still not getting a release outside of the US. Worth it though. Fibbage and Drawful are perfect party games.

  • It seems like a massive waste using a powerful new console to play this, but that doesn't detract from just how fun it is. Personally I've preferred to accuracy that a controller affords anyway.

  • Finally the evolution of the series that it's needed for a while. Can't wait to see this paired with the blown out nonsense of a full game.